Miniatures Painting and Gaming Discussion and Picture thread! (Image Intensive)


Haha the number one reason I bought them is cause they look so damn cool. I think I’ve settled on a reddish metal with pink lights as my color scheme? I’ll try it out anyway. I like the idea. Not sure yet what other colors I’ll mix in.

(They do sound fun to play, too, at least.)

I have so much stuff to paint… Bunch of trolls to go, convergence, fantasy space marines, tyranids, some skaven.

And that’s just Warmahordes and Warhammer!

I wanna paint more, but everything’s packed up. Life is hard, friends.


Finished my Tau Pathfinder kill team for Shadow War. I’m not happy with how the bases came out but I got tired of fiddling with them and want to move onto my Chaos team


Really nice! Digging the low-visibilty colours for them.

Maybe you’ll get that rare stealth play where your model is so well painted your opponent forgets it’s there.


I drool in envy at how crisp of edge highlighting you’re managing there. It makes me a little jealous that I passed up on joining the local FLGS’s Shadow War campaign due to schedule conflict…


I am also terrible at edge highlight, I just cannot keep it crisp and find my paint dries right at the point of the brush after the first stroke so I just go for the old 45 degree and heap it on think method. To wit… some work in progress shots of my Kharadron Frigate, hell yea!


That’s looking fantastic! And your turn-around time on that is incredible, getting that much assembly and painting done in two weeks.


These are great! It’s so much fun seeing these things come to life with character just with a skilled hand.

Also, just as a courtesy, I changed the title a bit to give data capped users about heads up that this is an image intensive thread!


Thanks man! Lots of late nights and shrinking of revision responsibility to get that far. Putting it on hold now until after my exams, but once I start a model I really have to get it feeling good before I can stop or else it just nags at me.


Ok, so this is a little out of left field for this thread but:

I played a lot of 40k as a kid, but haven’t played a table top game in probably twenty years. With the current state of TTG gaming as it is, what game would everybody recommend I get in to?

  • Something that I could find people to play with at a local shop.
  • Something that isn’t insanely time consuming to paint minis
  • Cost isn’t irrelevant, but not a huge issue.
  • Future stuff > Fantasy

Any hot reccos? War machine looks rad.


Warmachine/Hordes is very much a game that seems to still retain an attitude of “build the correct list as per the meta or get laughed off the table.” however I will add that I do not know too much about it. My speciality, is the big old British Daddy, Games Workshop. And so:

It might be worth waiting for the 8th Edition of 40k to launch in the next few months. The rules are going to be simplified (yet still at a level of complexity that looks to be above Age of Sigmar, the Fantasy version) and streamlined so that is easier to play. Beyond that, they are actively encouraging games that are without points, and if you pickup the Shadow War (think Necromunda without gangs), rulebook or box set now you can essentially buy a single box of miniatures and start playing Shadow War straight away, and build that into an army very easily.

For a company that used to be awful, they’ve done a lot to make it easier to get it at an entry level. Along with the Aforementioned Shadow War there are a bunch of other games you can buy to get into it (including the now defunct Kill Team), and 8th Edition looks to be aping Sigmar by making the core rules free, and the unit rules also free. I’d seriously wait and see what they come up with for 8th, because it could be super special! The removal of pressure to build an XXXX point army, and the move away from one big rule book full of referencing and the expensive codex model should crack the game open for new players.

The other game I see people really enjoying is Infinity by Corvus Beli, which is a skirmish game similar to Shadow War but far more granular, full of really picky rules and some really cool miniatures (if you can ignore their stupid Cheesecake section) that let you field crazy robots, some of which also control OTHER crazy robots.

I still think the Shadow War into Nu40k is the best path to take, but that’s just me! In the end, go with what you think is cool, and find out if your local scene is cool for each game. If the Warmahordes players local to you are fun folks who don’t just netlist and dominate, then you might find it more fun.

I have waffled, I shall stop.


This is awesome, and exactly the answer I was looking for. Looks like I’ll just wait a few months for 8th edition! Man, 8th edition. I think when I played it was like, 4th edition? I remember the Tau had just come out when I tapered off.


You’re maybe the same age as me I feel, I left not long after Tau. Nothing to do with the game, just money, being more of a sullen teen and all that.


Regional popularity for any of these games is going to vary wildly because of GW’s relative stranglehold on the miniature gaming market, but in terms of relatively low modelcount games (10-20 models per side, crazy gimmick lists notwithstanding) and a preference for future stuff, Infinity is the real standout. The models are a little expensive individually, but they’ve got the best sculptors in the business, and I personally really dig their aesthetic, the occasional stupid cheesecake model aside (they’ve gotten marginally better about this recently, but the running joke of “175 years into the future, everyone has an incredible butt” is still very applicable). The game itself is a bit of a departure from typical turn-based wargaming - during your opponent’s turn, your guys can react to your opponent’s actions that they see or that otherwise take place in their sphere of awareness, and it leads to a lot of dramatic dice-offs. On the other hand, mechanically, it’s rolling a bunch of d20s to less than or meeting a target number, ideally higher than your opponent’s rolls, and as a result can feel incredibly swingy, especially given its crit mechanic. It’s really engaging, but also kind of exhausting. I like Infinity a lot, but I don’t play it that much because it takes a lot of energy. Needs a bunch of terrain to be good, too, but as a result, looks incredible in play. The other concern you might have is that all the models are metal - as I said, the sculpts are very good, and the casting tends to be extremely clean, but there’s a lot of cleanup and assembly issues that metal minis have that just aren’t present with good hard plastic stuff.

Another option to consider is Fantasy Flight’s excellent X-Wing miniatures game, which is all prepainted minis (though you can easily repaint them, plenty of folks do) and a really good dogfight-style combat model. 2-6 ships per side, plays out in an hour or so, generally. Definitely lighter fare than most “hardcore” hobby-based minis games, but that’s a bonus in a lot of ways, too. Biggest downside is its reliance on funky custom dice and the way your basically end up having to buy a bunch of ships you don’t necessarily want to get the upgrade cards you want (irrelevant if you just play casually, but they’re required for tournament play). Upside is that it’s super popular, because one of the only things nerds love more than skull-covered grimdark fascist stormtroopers is Star Wars.

Warmachine is a game I loved a lot in the past, but got really tired of and cynical about late in its second edition through a combination of burnout and knowing too much about the developers’ own personal quirks. Its 3rd edition is a perfectly decent game, but it doesn’t seem to have the spark it used to for me and my group. They at least seem to know that their game has hit a bit of a rocky patch and are in the process of conducting massive, focused, public playtests to revise the parts of it that don’t necessarily work well. It’s very much a game where list construction matters a lot, though saying that, it’s absolutely possible to just outplay your opponent and win despite playing into a bad matchup. The metagame has, in my experience, been a lot more open than it’s typically characterized as being, and the top tables of major tournaments would have a lot of familiar faces at them regardless of how it stood at the time, just because they were people who played well (and a lot, practice makes perfect). All of that said, honestly, the model count in an average game isn’t that different from 40k unless you’re playing orks, 'nids, or another horde army, and the quality of the sculpting is definitely a step down from GW’s. Plus, their plastic tech is years behind GW’s, which can make the hobby part of the game a lot less enjoyable. Its reputation as “the tournament wargame” definitely seems to hold a magnetic attraction for shitty people, but every crowd is going to be different, and you won’t know until you interact with them. I’ve met plenty of great folks playing Warmachine over the years, and plenty of huge assholes playing GW (and other) games.

Before I go, I’ll also put in a few words for Guild Ball, a fantasy medieval soccer-themed skirmish wargame made by a bunch of people who played a lot of competitive Warmachine and said “man, I bet we can do something like that”. It’s very much a mechanics-first game, their early sculpts range from outright bad to merely mediocre, though they’ve been getting much better as of late, but it plays really, really well. Their 2-player starter box, Kick-Off, is probably one of the best mini game starter products I’ve ever seen, and the combo of trying to kick a ball into a goal while your team and the other side try to beat the living hell out of each other is really satisfying thematically. Only having 6 figures per side on the field at a time means there’s a really low barrier to entry, too.


Lost my shit on that.

Thank you for your exhaustive reply, I really appreciate it! Infinity does look really cool - the aesthetic doesn’t seem like it’s as “try hard” as Warmachine - which to me looks like the art team behind WarCraft 3 woke up and decided they like steampunk. In your experience, is it a pretty popular game? I live in downtown Chicago, so there is certainly no lack of player base in general, but I’m curious if Infinity would be something I could find a community for.


I was considering spinning out another thread to talk about the actual games themselves, but instead just changed the title of this thread. This is now the thread for that too!

I got my first game of Shadow War: Armageddon in today at the local GW. I like it! It was a bit weird, being Tau vs Tau. We were both new so we went with the default “just kill the other guy” mission so it just kinda devolving into shooting each other in the streets of this moldy dead city until one our teams failed a leadership test and bugged out.


Infinity is definitely on the lower end of the “most popular” mini wargames, so people being into it will definitely vary by region, but based on some cursory googling there appears to be a facebook group for it. Honestly, the best bet for any of these as social experiences is to drop into a local game shop or two and ask around about what’s popular there or visit an event night and see what the people there are like.


This covers pretty much the entire discussion my FLGS gave me when I talked to them about wanting to get into mini games. Great job!

I ended up picking up some 'nids for 40K and started playing some Shadow War. I am incredibly interested in Infinity, though it has a pretty small group that play the game. I figure with 40k, I will be able to play without much issue in many different areas.


That’s a pretty good plan! Infinity can be pretty fun, but it can be a challenge to find a group to play with sometimes. Which is too bad, because Infinity tables are always the most interesting miniatures tables, with all the terrain and levels.


I have some questions on painting, since you folks seem to be doing a good job of it and I am just starting up again.

If I’m using paint on primer (currently using Vallejo White Primer), is it supposed to look really streaky or do I need to put on more coats of primer? I know I am supposed to thin my paints with normal paint, but from what I’ve seen, that is not the case with brush on primer.

I know, I need to get some kind of spray primer to make this a lot faster and look better. I don’t have any white primer spray, and I have had a hard time finding Krylon fusion. I’ve also found out that Citadel primer is $30 a can, and that’s no good. Thanks for any tips!


Look into Army Painter spray-primers. I think their matte white is like $12 CDN per can?

And I have to confess, I was always awful with brush-on primers, and ditched 'em as soon as I could, so I can’t advise much there.