Miniatures Painting and Gaming Discussion and Picture thread! (Image Intensive)


my test Tzaangor. The beastly organic features are a fun break from the strictly inorganic Rubrics above. I like how this guy came out


Y’all I got a problem!

I mentioned a couple(?) weeks ago that I wanted to paint my Convergence army with a red metallic color. Problem is, I don’t know how. I tried mixing red with a bunch of steel, and it was too dark. I thought I wanted dark, but… It also wasn’t anywhere near metallic/shiny enough. I think possibly if it were as shiny as I expected/wanted, I’d like the darker color, but I don’t know. I’m more than happen to experiment more with this angle.

So I tried mixing with silver instead, and almost found a color I like if I decide to go a lighter red, so I can just mess with the ratio a bit more to get what I want. But, again, it’s not as metallic as I wanted.

I’m not sure how to make a metallic red! Any advice? Should I just paint straight metal, then do thin layers of red over and over until it looks right? Should I mix a thinner red into the metallic paint? Should I buy some metal medium (Vallejo has some, and it’s pretty cheap)?

If anyone can help, by golly, I’d appreciate it.

EDIT: While I’m at it, what do people think would be a good accent color for metallic red? For example, I want to paint the gears a different color than metallic red. And light-up eyes and other bits, I think I still want to try a pinkish glow.


Yeah try some Vallejo stuff, I hear they’re really good for metallic. Maybe P-3 as well?


I have some of Vallejo’s Metallic Medium and it’s pretty great. It is more or less what you are looking for.


Here’s a miniature I used the metallic medium for to make sparkly metallic purple clothes/armor. If you want a more metal look you just use more medium.

it was a mini I did up for Blood Bowl before I realized I don’t like Blood Bowl


Awesome, friends, thanks! I ordered some metal medium from Amazon, should have it Wednesday. Meantime, I gotta strip what I did yesterday. Ughhhh.


As a possible tip, a gloss varnish applied after your red metallic could help sell it more? Not 100% confident but i think it could help.


Finished painting up this dude (a Kanren from Infinity’s Yu-Jing faction) today, pretty happy with how he came out.

Non-metallic metal is a pain in the ass and I don’t know why I decided to do it for these guys, since this is sort of my color test for the rest of the faction, but the only way to get better at it is practice, so I guess forcing myself to do it is one way to manage.


Hey! Been a little busy, but still getting some stuff done.

Our local Games Workshop has said they’re starting an escalation league, with a focus on painting/modeling work. The first model due is a Character model, and since I play Necrons, there was only one choice: the “new” Overlord from back in 2015. I’ve never built or painted this model before, but I wanted to make him kinda special.

I’m trying to get more imaginative with basing, and figured a centrepiece model like this would be ideal for trying it out. And since he’s holding a Resurrection Orb, well…

I know the greenstuff on the Lychguard rising out of the ground is really rough, but I’m hoping to have a non-trivial amount of dirt falling off of him and maybe that’ll cover the worst of it. Looking forward to getting 'em primed and painted.


Another update: more or less finished the base for the Overlord. I think it’s looking pretty good.

Took the time to experiment with edging and glow effects, and I think both turned out pretty great.


Dang that looks cool as heck. I haven’t even done the most rudimentary of basing, although I have the materials for a rocky base with tufts of grass (aka my plans for my trollbloods). One day I’ll get there!

That said, I haven’t painted anything for over a month now (unless priming counts…), and I have so much stuff to paint it’s intimidating to get started again. D:


Basing’s actually pretty easy, especially if you already have the supplies.

I ran through with this guide when I first started doing basing, and I feel like it was pretty great for learning the ins and outs.

Sorry to hear you’re hitting that down-swing, though. And yeah, it can be daunting if you look at an entire army ready to be painted, it’s just so much work. I find it helps if you just wait for a model to do really well on the table for you. It always gets me fired up to buckle down and get it painted, like a reward for it’s hard work.


I’ve read that exact guide before! Haha.

My problem right now is I want to use my new Trollbloods War Wagon, but painting it after I put it together would be… Annoying. So I gotta paint it first. D: I will do it though! This week, I’ll start!! I swear!!!


Okay I don’t know if he’s done but I know I’ve spent a lot of time on him and I still have a bunch of models to put together so I could use a break.

Never really done glow effects like this before so it was a big experiment, but I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out.

Just gonna go out tomorrow and top-coat, looking to show him off on Saturday for some 8th Edition fun.


Good lord that is impressive.


That looks so good goddamn.


I’m planning on building a skaven warband for mordheim but the nightrunner models games workshop has are pretty ugly and clanrats don’t really have the right look for verminkin. Does anyone know some cool looking ratman models that would make good verminkin?


Man its been a while. Here’s a picture of the start of my 40k army, basically what took up most of my time the last month. Wrapped these guys up the night before the 8th edition release (last Friday). Now working on assembling/priming the rest of the 40k stuff I have so far.


I have finally started painting again!

Still workin’ on the bulls that pull it, but almost done. Gotta do the wash and highlight that shit up. And then glue it together. Gonna try to do a semi-dynamic basing of this thing, too, where it’s bouncin’ off the ground on rough terrain, but we’ll see.

Speaking of, I feel like I always fuck up the washes on flat surfaces. I dunno if I just shouldn’t wash flat surfaces, or what. Always ends up splotchy and I gotta go back over it to smooth it out so it doesn’t look like butt. Maybe metal doesn’t need a wash, and I should just highlight on top of it. I don’t know!!

Also wanna do a sort of gravel dust on the wheels/hooves/undercarriage/etc. I… don’t know how to do that.

I’m also painfully aware of the seams being scarred by glue. :sob:


Don’t sweat it! Just paint the glue “scars” to look like patchwork welding. Give it a little of that lived-in look.

And besides, it’s looking really good so far. Can’t wait to see it all finished up.