Miniatures Painting and Gaming Discussion and Picture thread! (Image Intensive)


I would water down the wash (at least 1:1, possibly 2:1 or 3:1 and do multiple coats if you have the patience), rather than pooling large amounts of ink in inconsistent amounts from one heavy coat–it ensures a more even coverage.


Haha, thanks Arclight and Mossy!

I’ll definitely try to thin down the washes. Thinning isn’t something I do nearly enough for all the times I’ve seen people suggesting such things. I will say that when I did the wash on my bulls, I didn’t go over the whole surface, just around where the edges were, and I think it worked a lot better. Still a bit too much, but thinning might just do the trick!

Re: lived-in look, I’m wondering how I should even do that? I’ve seen a lot of images, skimmed over a couple tutorials, but they tend to use much lighter metals, whereas I’ve gone for the much much darker gunmetal gray and old gold. Maybe it’s the same

I will say I kinda justified the clean metal of all my trolls in my head as they’re stupid rich for some reason and so they always have brand new clean stuff when they roll in. But that was just so I could focus on learning other things, heh.

EDIT: I did order some dry pigment to put on some gravely dust, and some milliput to shape the base how I really want to it be. (Also some spray acrylic whatever so I don’t have to brush all of this huge thing!) Went outside, found some rocks for it to “bounce” off of. I’m excited to finish this thing up this weekend (hopefully nothing misses the delivery date today, 'cause it’s coming to the office!!). I have yet to do any basing at all, let alone a fun action pose. It’ll look like an out of control wagon bouncing along some jagged rocks, if I pull it off right!


i finished my war wagon to the point where i was satisfied with it, wasn’t quite what i wanted, but i still liked it a lot

and then i tried my spray matte varnish

now there’s a cloudy and rough surface to everything

i’m very sad

i tested it on a few pygs beforehand to make sure i got the hang of it, and it worked on them no problem, but here it’s ruined and i’m very sad


Ooof, yeah, a matte finish can really flatten metallic colours specifically. You can do touch-up work over the top coat, but I understand how discouraging that can be.

If you don’t mind me asking, how many passes did you make with the spray-can for the matte?


I did one coat, with three quick passes over each angle from the top at like 45 degrees ish, and then did a quick pass over anything that didn’t get hit, like some of the sides.


Ah. Were you using aerosol Purity Seal, by chance?

I’ve notice you tend to need to be incredibly careful with it; one or two quick passes at most. More than that and it flattens/greys tones considerably. For whatever reason it is really potent, way more than most spray primers.

That said, your battle wagon still looks pretty rad, and I hope you get a chance to put it on the table soon.


I used Army Painter’s Anti-Shine Matte Varnish. Which, oops, I guess, 'cause I’ve seen some bad word about that. (And, in fact, lots of sprays in general, especially GW’s Purity Seal, haha.)

Word seems to be this is just, like you say, the result of bad technique. Shake a lot (I did this, but maybe not enough), no humidity (I tried to do this, but it’s generally fairly humid around here), warm up the can in hot water beforehand, put the mini under a warm light while it dries.

I HAVE read some methods for fixing it (or at least making it look better). Lots of people suggest a layer of gloss varnish spray, and then a new layer of matte. Some just suggest a second layer of matte spray. They have to be spray because it’s supposed to reactivate the lacquer?

The wildest suggestion I’ve seen is doing a wash with olive oil, then clean it off with some soap. So… I tried that on some test areas, and it does look better. Well then.

I’m gonna try to respray a smallish area as soon as we get a dry day in Dallas. See if that helps.

EDIT: Also I think I’ll just brush on from here on out. D:


Brush on varnish will fix the cloudiness. Just be sure to have a light touch with the brush-on varnish, it will scrape paint right off


What do you mean it’ll scrape the paint off? I’ve brushed on varnish before for my smaller models and there were no issues. D:


I’ve had issues when using a stiff brush and liquid lacquer/varnish where the top layers of paint come off. But that was probably mostly user error


Haha, all right. I’ve heard that can happen if the paint isn’t fully dry, so maybe that was it. O:


Okay I did a second coat of the spray and it helped a lot. Colors are still a bit muted, unfortunately, but I’ll take what I can get.

I really need to set up a proper area for photographing my junk.

I’m gonna use it tomorrow. :smiley:


Heck yeah! It’s looking great. Pity whoever’s staring down the business end of those cannons tomorrow.


Hahaha well I tend to lose more than I win but here’s hoping!


Well, it’s here: Retribution of Scyrah Christmas has fully arrived, and I’ve been busy. Still need to put together all of the Ryssovas Defenders, but very, very digging the new models for the faction.

Also, per the Escalation League, I’ve gotta get my Necron line troops done up, and what says “line troops” more than the humble Necron Warrior. I only need to do a minimum unit of 10, but for purposes of both challenging myself and frustrating my opponents I’m going to try and get all 20 done.

Primed them in steel, the shoulders are done in Naggaroth Night. One of 'ems already done, since I wanted to do a test Warrior to see how well the colours looked. I think he looks alright.



I finished up my Arkanaut Company at last. Incredibly detailed models, but it took me days to pain them in total, and they’re not even that great a standard.


Worth it though, they look great.


:smiley: thanks! It’s slow going right now, gonna start my Endrinriggers and Khemist tonight and hopefully put the finishing touches to the Frigate Crew.

Already desperate to buy and paint some of the new Death Guard though, the painters curse has struck!


Those are rad. I like the purple/yellow combo.


Oh man, I really love that coloring on the Arkanauts.

I have to wonder if the skirmish rules for AoS is an attempt to create an entry drug for people put off by the cost of building an army.

Because it worked, and now I require exactly these models (Gobbo Shaman Ziggy and his Blackstar Adventuring Company)