Miniatures Painting and Gaming Discussion and Picture thread! (Image Intensive)


We got hit with a heatwave, which has made painting pretty tough! That said, I’ve gotta have a line-troop unit painted and ready by the 22nd, so I’m soldiering on.

Base coats and now layers are done. Gotta do some edging and highlighting, and of course do up the bases, but otherwise I think I should make it.


Rather than double-post, here’s the same guys with a bit of edge highlighting on the shoulders, and the base effects glued on.


mmmm, delicious living metal skeleton dudes



this is probably the fastest paint job i’ve done so far

it was all metal so i painted the pieces separately, and then put them together for the highlight phase


Dude, your Dire Troll Bomber looks fantastic!

Finished the 10 Necron Warriors I needed for Saturday. Going over a friend’s old Immortals and Deathmarks next to make them qualify for the “minimum painting standards” so I can run a fully-painted 500 point list, and score those good, good points.

Next up is a unit of Lychguard, which I’m hoping to get done fast so I can focus on the Ghost Ark that comes after. Gotta do a 2"x2" display board after that, so… kinda got my work cut out for me coming up here.


Thanks a lot man! I’m really happy with how it turned out. Of course I see more flaws the more I look at it, but that’s always gonna happen. I’ve also painted Gunnbjorn but keep forgetting to take a pic of him… Currently working on Callandra, here’s my progress so far on her:

Really happy with the colors. :smiley: Just gotta finish the base coat, and I can proceed with the fun part. I really wanted to go with a Romani style colorful dress (which seems to be the vibe they’re going for anyway), and I hope I pulled it off.

Also man your necrons are really making me want to play and especially paint necrons! I have tyranids at the moment for my 40k army but they don’t make me excited to paint so they’ve been sitting at work, not even primed. I want one of three races: orks, necrons, or tau. But that said I’m far more into finishing my Trollbloods at the moment, so I’m cool with waiting.

what is the plastic tubing you’re using for the guns. Does that come with necrons or are you doing that yourself?


I love this! Great colour combo there.


These are so crisp and clean, I really love necron when done well and the mild OSL on the legs is really nice.

Gonna drop my latest 40k work in here, just moved flat so I have had a lot of time on my hands, picked up those new Easy to Build Plague Marines. Lovely models, that I think I have done some justice.

Album ink for details below


I am super digging the colours on Callandra! They’re really going to make her stand out on the field, and you’ve got a really good balance to them going.

The gauss rods are clear green plastic, and they’re standard issue with Necron Warriors. Come in the box, even. I’ve been saving the sprues for a secret upcoming project.

It’s too bad your Tyranids aren’t doing it for you, but those other three are all solid armies to consider. Necrons are by far the easiest to paint, but I’ve found myself eyeing the Tau starter of late too.

And to Dynamic: thanks for the kind words! They’re a far cry from perfect, but I’ve kinda gotten burned out on Warriors, so they’re as done as they’re doing for now. Your Plague Marines look awful, which is how you know you’ve done a good job.


I’m not super interested in Space Marines in general, but I love the Chaos ones. Painting them seems like a borderline nightmare, though, haha. And thanks, I love my Bomber. :3

Arclight: Thanks, I was worried I’d mess up the colors 'cause past attempts at being vibrant have turned out like clown makeup. I sorta goofed Gunnbjorn up a bit in that regard, but I still secretly like it even if I openly hate it. I gave up on Horgle for a while because he looked baaaaaaad. >.> Might go back to him next, hmm. It’d be cool to have all my warlocks painted before I get back to the units. Besides Callandra and Horgle2, I’ve got Ragnor and Madrak2. Hmm hmmmmm.

It’s cool that Necrons come with those rods, but I’m also a bit bummed 'cause I think I’d probably want to make it all different colors. I’m sure you can find stuff like that somewhere, though. Maybe a red… Dang I definitely want to do some Necrons now.

But yeah I need to find someone to trade the Tyranids to for an army I’m more excited about. I don’t necessarily hate Tyranids, but… I also look at them and think about painting them and feel kinda uninspired, haha.


It is pretty easy to find other colours of gauss rods for Necrons online, and they tend to be pretty cheap. Ebay or Etsy are your best bets.


I will keep that in mind! More and more tempted. O:


I did it!!

i learned a lot painting this one

  1. start with a darker base for cloth cause i find it way easier to glaze to lighter colors than vice versa
  2. glow effects! first attempt and they turned out super nice
  3. i hate working with yellow so much

and yeah yeah i know her left arm’s elbow is a bit botched, it’s glue scars ):


Holy crap, she turned out amazing! Great work!


Thanks! It’s probably the most competent I’ve been at technique so far when painting. Ahhhhhhhh.


I very much enjoy this ridiculous model and the larger than life paint scheme you have given it to match. Lots of bold bright colours, which are famously tough to pull off, and you have like 3 on the same model!

I finished up my Noxious Blightbringer, a model I am very pleased has a stupid name.

Planning to go back to the nurgling and INCREASE THE GREEN though


Thanks a lot. :smiley:

I love your Nurgle marines so much. They look gross as hell. I’m also immensely jealous of your ability to blend colors smoothly. >_>


I’m not actually doing blending, but if you can point out an area I can tell you how I did it! Everything here is just thinned paints and washes, the idea of gradients and blending terrifies me.

Thanks very much though. I love sharing my painting, but I feel like these are really “mine” more than anything else I’ve done. There are so many tutorials out there now that it’s amazing what 7 months and some patience can deliver!


Blending is probably the wrong word, but I’m referring to the way all the… aaaantlers? are dark at the base and smoothly transition into lighter colors. Same for the red cloth. I can see the hard highlights on the edges, and I generally try to do that part (and usually(?) succeed). All of my washes, though, end up really… not like that. I get the darker colors in the recesses but then it’s super splotchy outside, like someone splashed dyed mud all over the surface. I’ve lately tried to only put the washes into the actual recesses rather than all over and that seems to have helped. But then that sort of leaves a harder edge between where the wash was and where it wasn’t.

It could be as simple as me needing to thin my paints more when I go back over to clean up the wash!


I think that will sort you out, yup. Washes are a funny one. I think they’ve levelled up the base level of everyone’s painting 100% and I am forever telling people to just chuck it on because of how dramatic contrast is.

So the antlers and the cloth are basically the same, i’ll write 'em out just in case you’re interested.

Bone is zandri dust, followed by a big thick wash of agrax earthsade. Then I do two thinned layers of ushabti bone, sometimes with lahmian medium because ushabti bone is a horrible paint to use without thinning. Then I might do some fine detail shadowing with agrax to rescue stuff i’ve painted over, and then fine detail highlights with screaming skull. Very similar to the GW system for bone, and I think it works. I’ll often layer some more agrax at the base too, doing my best to stop a tidemark forming.

Red is the essentially same, but its khorne red, followed by… gosh… all the washes. I put agrax all over, then nuln and carroburg crimson, then I basically ruined that by layering on more khorne red to the raised areas, and then more carroburg, then highlights of wazzdakka and evil suns scarlet - or maybe vice versa, which ever is lighter goes last!

I guess understanding the function of GW paints helps a lot too: base paints are quite opaque and layers are more translucent so if you thin them appropriately, you should be able to use them to either block out and smooth in the case of red, or build slow layers in case of the bone.

For an example of how crazy you can go with just chucking shades on, and a peek at how sketchy the red looks when it’s just one wash of agrax, this is a wip of my plaguecaster. The guts are basically 90% washes, with no blending, and then some quick highlights and goo!

Sorry if that’s a massive info blurt that you didn’t want, or you already knew, I just enjoy talking about it :smiley:


No that’s helpful. Even reading over steps I already know is good because I usually learn something new that I probably missed in the details. Plus it reminds me of things I’ve forgotten.

Number one thing is thus far I’ve never used more than one wash on anything. Didn’t even occur to me before! I’m not sure what I’m going to paint next but I’ll try to remember that. :smiley: