Miniatures Painting and Gaming Discussion and Picture thread! (Image Intensive)


All of my skin on my nurgle is done by doing rakarth flesh then flayed one flesh, then I do reikland flesh shade, followed by carroburg crimson, and a detail wash of druchii violet. If you look at the close up of the death guard with the breathing pipe, you can see that it ends up making super lovely skin patch colours that I doubt I could get any other way.


It’s been a scorcher here, but still managed to knock out a model this week. D&D this weekend, so I wanted to make sure to try and get him at least presentable, think I managed okay. Still hard to paint/shade white without it going to bunk.

With that model done, I can get back to getting my Necron Lychguard ready to base-coat. Been trying some odd stuff with these guys, so it’ll be interesting to see how they end up.


The Lychguard are 3/5 done, with the others going to get finished this week.


I used to do a fair amount of military model building/painting, but last year I caught the miniatures gaming bug with Imperial Assault (although I mostly followed Sorastro’s excellent series of youtube tutorials). However, on going into a LGS to pick up some paint, I noticed a Tau Broadside suit on sale, and so began collecting Tau.

New photo by Harry Wagstaff

I’m a little frustrated with how long it takes me to get things painted (I bought a Pathfinder team to play Shadow War, and by the time I was finished WH40k 8e had come out and everyone had moved on) but I’m happy with how my army looks. I’ve gone for a light grey colour scheme which I think stands out well on the table and has a lot of good contrast. I’m still only at around 800 points altogether so I haven’t played any larger games, but I’m getting there slowly but surely.

Link to Album


I finished my Lychguard boys.

They rewarded me by killing a unit of Scouts and a Space Marine character today.

Good work, my good, good evil space robot skeletons.


Back with a bunch of good pictures of the stuff I’ve painted up for Infinity over the past couple months. Pulling out the photo booth is always worth it, even if it is a bunch of work.

individual shots over on imgur


Dang those look good. I recently bought the Combined Army ONYX starter pack. I’m reminded once again that I hate metal miniatures. But more than that, I’m extremely inimidated by the level of detail on these tiny things. I don’t know how I’m ever going to paint them. D:

In other news, I took a really bad spill, broke my leg real bad. Worst part is! I was carrying all of my trolls at the time, and they got busted real bad. I’ve glued them all back together at this point, but now I need to fix all the chipped paint. I don’t wanna!


I spent about a month building and painting a Doomsday Ark. It was a lot more work than I was expecting


Some great stuff in here. I’ve been playing Warmachine since a few years ago. I’ve haven’t played in a couple of months with moving 2000 miles and getting settled in a new city and all, but I’m looking to jump back in in November. Very very excited for new Gatorman stuff that’s coming down the pike.

Here are a couple shots of projects I ended up happy with.

green frogs:

witchy doctor with fishman zombie swarm:

blue frogs:

gator who’s so good at voodoo he reanimated his own self:

I think this werewolf monster boy is my most recently completed project (the chain on his arm is supposed to have a hook attached to it but I hadn’t glued it on when I took this picture):

I’m pretty much all self-taught with painting. A friend who got me into the game in the first place walked me through some basics like priming and washing and dry-brushing, but I sort of just figured things out as I went. I still sometimes finish with a model and realize I hate it but I have so many models on my backlog that I usually just learn from it and move on to the next project.

One thing I’ve never done is basing. I sort of expect it would be really relaxing to operationalize a simple little scheme and just crank projects. But it’s always like… I could base this guy OR I could paint up a new guy and then I get to have fun playing with a brand new set of model rules…


Your stuff looks real good; I especially like the wolf man.

Re: Basing - textured paint is quick and easy. I just picked up a big pot of Vallejo black lava paste. You can just dab on real thick for good effect, and if you don’t like the black color you can paint it a different color when it dries.

My current project is trying to finish up painting all the Space Marines in the Betrayal at Calth set. I’ve been reading the Horus Heresy books and am excited to paint them up just as shown on the box (Word Bearers & Ultramarines). Now that I’m halfway into it though, painting 38 guys at once seems like a daunting task…


Yay more people posting, aka motivation to finally get back to painting! It’s been a while. D:

I’ve got those frogs* and was thinkin’ bout painting em blue, too. Lookin’ good!

*I haven’t found a good use for them with my trolls, though. ): Maybe Horgle2, since he likes fire.


I’m thinking of basing Gators in water, that jelly water effect stuff looks like fun to play with. I also play Khador, which should be easy enough to make snowy with white sand and elmer’s glue and maybe some rocks washed with pale blue. This model was an early effort and it’s not, you know, good, but I remember really enjoying building the snow up on his little pedestal.

And then I have some Circle who should probably by woodsy or mossy. No clue at all how to do that but tiny plant clumps and moss is definitely A Thing for model trains and all so I bet I can figure it out.

Yeah the frogs aren’t nearly as good as they used to be. That POW 10 is hard to justify. They are going to pick up Pathfinder whenever the Blindwater updates land, which is nice. But also the Witch Doctor can’t make them tough anymore so…

Yeah. Croaks Raiders really need other fire-dependent effects to make sense. Might be useful with Horgle and that newish Legion guy, Kallus 2. I used to play them in Circle but if there’s one thing Circle never needed, it’s more low-POW attacks.

BTW I love your dancing Trollkin lady up there. The colors on all that cloth are lovely!


I’ve started posting all of my stuff in Instagram:

One of my latest models, a Tau Commander (still need to post some pics of it on a base)


I was wondering if you could drop a link to where I could find the first miniature your post numbered 122? It would be a perfect fit to a war cleric I play, and I would love to get my hands on one.


Hi there! The model in question is a Fane Knight Guardian of the Retribution of Scyrah, from Warmachine.


I’ve been assembling these Kingdom Death Monster figures for a few months, and I’m nearly ready to start painting them.

I even took the time to fully magnetize the Phoenix so it would fit in my box.

I’ve never actually painted anything though, so I’m kinda flying by the seat of my pants. I got an airbrush for Christmas, and I’ve got a respirator, some airbrush cleaner, paints, and brushes on their way from amazon right now. I’ve been watching a lot of KDM painting tutorials on YouTube, so hopefully I won’t fuck it up TOO badly.


I finished building the Sunstalker and the Flower Knight. The Sunstalker is magnetized so I can take him apart so that he fits in my carrying case. The end of that one tentacle is censored because that one is his donger.

And now I’m building the Dragon Knight. Check out THIS big spicy boy.

Hey, who’s that little guy in there?


Sweet looking models hahahahaa I love this thread.


Ok so this thread seems dead so sorry for ress’ing it. But tonight I painted and assembled my first miniature. As you can see it’s a starting point but I enjoyed the roughly 5 hours it took.

However, I noticed that some of the paint seems to have flaked off already. I’m painting Tamiya miniatures using Humbrol Acrylic paint (I didn’t use a primer to begin with though I have a spray one). I noticed it after I glued some accessories on at the end, the glue I’m using is Tamiya Super Thin Cement . Could anyone let me know why paint is flaking off and what I could do to prevent it. Also what should my next step be if I want to improve?


Thats not bad at all for a first timer!

You should definitely prime before painting, that will help immensely. You will also want to minimize the amount of gluing done after painting. Your Tamiya “cement” is a solvent that works by dissolving the plastic so that it melds together. It will eat up the paint, and the paint may also interfere with the adhesiveness of it.

if I’m doing any gluing after painting I use super glues


Ill definitely use primer today and cement the main parts together, then I’ll hold off attaching anything till I get my hands on some superglue.

Thanks mate

@danimo so I got around to a second figure and I used primer, seemed to help big time, also superglue meant I didn’t melt all the paint of the figure. Baby steps I guess