Miniatures Painting and Gaming Discussion and Picture thread! (Image Intensive)

The only miniatures game I ever got into before was Heroscape, which came with pre-painted figures. This year I paid into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Kickstarter so I’m getting like 150 unpainted figures at the end of the year and I realized I should probably get some practice in before then! So here’s my first completed figure! The finish I used made it glossier than I expected but otherwise I’m happy with it!


Oh, I forgot about this thread! Last month I finished up these; 16 Dryads, a Branchwraith and a set of trees for my Age of Sigmar collection. These are my first models since, like… 2007ish? So I’m pretty happy with the results. I managed to pick up the silly limited Looncurse boxset, so I have most of an army waiting for paint, but now I’m thinking about those new Citadel Contrast paints…


Man, there are some good paint jobs here. Y’all are talented.

Hey all,

I’ve just learned that there’s a Games Workshop store near me.

Been reading through the black library recently, so I thought I’d pop in and look around for a beginner’s set.

Not sure if I wanna spring for the game book yet, but I wouldn’t mind picking up some Eisenhorn figures, or some Cadian troops, with some beginner paints.

Any recommendations?

So GW gives you a lot of starting points now at different price points, which is pretty cool. You could go for a Start Collecting box, which are all $85 and have like a decent starter army in them. There’s also these like “first strike” or similar boxes which are like mini-starter sets if you just want to see like, hey, am I getting into the paining and the game and stuff? They range between like, $30 to $60 and maybe more.

Paintwise I would just make sure you’ve got a primer, and grab some basic paints for whatever you’re painting, like the base paints and a shade. There aren’t really great paint sets, imo - they have a few but they’re generally for painting specific models. Like there’ll be a basic space marine painting set - if you want to paint Cadian troops, that blue isn’t gonna do you much good.

I hope that’s helpful!

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GW weirdly doesn’t do too many starter sets (unless you like Space Marines), but I totally echo Forrest’s post. Pick up a Start Collecting box, especially since the Astra Militarum set has a wide variety of miniatures to choose from.

At least when it comes to paints, I would maybe consider sourcing them from non-GW manufacturers? This might be harder with only a GW in town, but I do really perfect Vallejo or Army Painter because they have dropper bottles rather than the pot style of container. I think you can find them on amazon? But, I’ll be honest in saying it’s way easier to buy them at GW and you’ll be up sold them for sure.

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I had two weeks off and since I couldn’t travel anywhere I decided to get back into Warhammer 40k. I live in Nottingham, not too far from Warhammer World and Games Workshop HQ and got the starter set which included my beloved necrons (haven’t collected seriously since 2003). I then fell into a painting hole. It was a real nice way to spend my time off, you just focus on the process, stick a movie or podcast on. Didn’t check my phone or social media for three days. I was in heaven.

Here are some pictures. Feel free to roast or provide pointers. I’ve been watching a lot of GW painting tutorials, but wouldn’t you know it, it feels like a big mission to buy more paints for tiny specific details. Had most fun painting the necrons, but I like knuckling down on some of the more ‘statement’ models.

Had most fun painting the necrons, because I think they’re easier to paint and make look cool. I do prefer knuckling down on some of the more ‘statement’ models as well.

Here’s a bonus Commander Shadowsun as the Tau are dope. Only the Necrons and Tau can save us from the space marines.

Again… not as shiny as I would have liked. I think my problem is that I’m undercoating black on something that is predominantly white. I always used to undercoat in white back in the day.

Feels good to be back in. I was talking to one of the members of staff at Warhammer World about all the changes. Hadn’t realised plastic had taken over completely from white metal. Or that there was an apocalypse that destroyed all of old Warhammer (even though I did play Vermintide) prior to the Age of Sigmar rebrand. They also seemed alot less pushy. When I was a kid, I remember one of the store assistants laughed at me because I had turned up to the store on the day they released the Land Raider and didn’t buy a Land Raider for £40.

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