Minor layout changes?


Something’s happened in the last day or so where each row seems to take up a little more space due to the forum tag being moved to a line under it. When we suddenly have an influx of End Of Year topics on the front page, this makes it a little more of a pain to navigate.

Additionally, I’m sure I’m very much a tiny minority here and I don’t really expect anything to be changed, but I’m not particularly interested in the EoY topics and if I could filter out everything in Events on the front page, for example, that would be good imo.


I’ve also noticed the change and it is grating me the wrong way, each topic takes up more space and it just looks awkward IMO.

It will probably take too much work, especially right now given what time of year it is, to change the EoY stuff but I am on the same page, would be great to get the ability to minimise them all next year.


Setting the Events category to “Muted” in Preferences->Categories on your user profile should do the trick for the EoY stuff.


oh wow thank you so much!


Totally worked, thanks!


I’m surprised the layout changed for the old themes, if it has anything to do with that? I hope it’s a bug because it doesn’t look good.


I use this forum almost entirely on my phone and the changes to the mobile view that just hit are taking some getting used to. Hitting your profile icon or the drop down menu at the top right used to open a small sub-menu right below where you clicked, but now it opens up this big menu that takes up half the screen to show your notifications and the list containing latest/unread/new etc.

It’s a little harder to navigate altogether. I already struggle sometimes with reaching the top of my phone screen comfortably one-handed in a lot of instances and it’s kind of exaggerated the problem. Not sure if this is relevant or related to the topic here, but didn’t feel like making a whole new thread about it, kind of a bummer


hi, if you have a CSS extension/plugin for your browser, you can use this rule to put the tags at the end of the thread titles, instead of below them:

.topic-list .link-bottom-line {
display: inline-block;


Hey, folks!

We (the mod team) have noticed the changes to the forum and what folks are describing above. The changes to the desktop & mobile layouts seem to be as a result of a Discourse update (Discourse being the forum software that the forums are hosted on).

We’ve referred these changes onto Waypoint staff so that they can look into it. Thanks for letting us know!


Same – just a quick suggestion (since this isn’t quite in line with the thread), have you tried using the Discourse app? As mentioned above, this is the provider the forum uses – the layout there might be better than the web one if you haven’t tried it yet.


I haven’t! Always just used mobile view in safari. Thanks for the recommendation though, I’ll definitely give it a shot.


You can also mute categories from their respective pages.

For instance (at https://forum.waypoint.vice.com/c/general/events):


@robowitch hey, you all may already be aware but the update also switched the font-awesome library over from icons to SVG, so the social icons up top are broken. Here’s a post about it: