Missing ‘Casts?

Hi all,

So I’ve been (unfortunately) pretty disconnected from the Waypoint community and podcasts in recent months because I’ve had a really busy year. Starting to catch up in my spare (social distancing) time lately and trying to figure out something about the End of Year podcasts, because it feels like there are some missing, maybe? For one, I keep hearing them reference a Three Houses spoilercast that I can’t find, and I also feel like maybe there’s something missing from the GotY stuff.

Anyone know where that stuff is or why I can’t find it? Thanks in advance!

I don’t think the Three Houses spoilercast has happened yet. They were waiting for Gita to join the team, and then the DLC came out, and then Corona happened.

Some of the GotY stuff is a little weird because they recorded the GotY shows and then recorded another two or three after that or so as regular shows, so they’re doing a lot of “we’re probably going to talk about that in the future” kind of thing that they talked about in podcasts that come out before the GotY shows (time travel is weird).


Thank you! Just making sure I wasn’t missing something!