Missing podcast

Hey, hi there!

For some reason I can’t find the latest waypoint 101 about The New Order/Colossus on either the site or on The message boards even though I can see that it has been published on twitter and on my iPhone. where I can’t play it.

So to summarize: it was released yesterday, but it’s gone now, along with both The article and The thread. Will it be put back up again?

They are reuploading it after some technical difficulties in the recording; I would’ve thought it would have been updated by now but nothing thus far.
I think we’ll see a new post when it goes up again.


Cool, thanks!

I didn’t see any message about there being technical problems in The podcast, so I was kinda confused about what was going on.

Is that because of Austin cross-call talking?

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The entry is still sitting there in my apple podcasts app, tounting me, but can’t download or listen to it. Got so excited to hear The new order part 2 , really really hope it isn’t damaged beyond repair :frowning:

To answer this question, yes.

The podcast will go up as soon as the internet where Joel Fowler is staying cooperates, which it apparently has not done for most of today! We thank you all for your patience.


Ok cool. Yeah I got the podcast on iTunes before it got taken down and the end where Austin gets on another cal but is still feeding audio into the mix that nobody else can hear and doesn’t react to was a pretty big problem for sure. Came on here just to check if this was bein worked on so I could listen to the rest because it’s basically unlistenable :smile:

back up ya’ll :slight_smile:


Thanks Joel, and have a pleasant thanksgiving!