Mob Psycho 100 II: Mob Psycho 200

the first season is one of the best things i’ve ever watched with maybe my favourite OP ever and so far the second season has kicked incredible amounts of ass and we’re only halfway through

please watch mob psycho, thank you


I love it very much. Latest episode was, as we say around here, le epic.

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for a fun bit of trivia: the animation direction on episode 5 was spearheaded by Taiwanese animator Hakuyu Go, who you might recognise from having also directed the animation on the legendary apocrypha episode 22

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You should also check out Reigen’s geocities blog at It’s pretty great.


Episode 8: Yo, what the fuck though???

i am extremely what the ufck

Episode 8: I’m sure there’s more to this than it seems, but also holy shit that went from wholesome to dark really fast.

Also, the arc in episodes 6 and 7 was really good, glad they finally addressed Reigen being an ass though I wish they showed if he actually started paying Mob properly.

Ohhhhhh snap, I was so caught up in the wait for One-Punch Man S2 coming in April that I completely missed that we’re already getting new Mob!

Hoo boy, now I know what I’m doing for the rest of my downtime at work this week~