Mobile gaming, the best of the best


I’m working 12 hour night shifts in student accommodation, as you can imagine it gets pretty quiet. To keep me entertained I usually watch wrestling, but what mobile games should I be playing. So Waypoint, what are the best mobile games?


if we’re talking mobile as in handhelds, then my go-to games for killing time are puzzles and rpgs on 3DS. pushmo, picross, etrian odyssey and pokemon nuzlocke runs, anything with a ton of grinding honestly.

if we’re talking mobile as in smartphones, then unfortunately all i play is anime idol rhythm games with gacha bullshit and i don’t feel good recommending those to anyone. crossy road is pretty good though!


With mobile games I’ve been playing snakebird a whole bunch and I love it. Though it will melt your brain.


I haven’t tried the Deus Ex one, but Square Enix Montreal’s Go games are really good, especially Hitman. Solitairica is also a pretty good choice if you want a card game (And it’s free!)


I’m not sure how well it works on phones but Downwell is fantastic!


I don’t know what platform you’re on, but fyi there is a thread for ios stuff: Games to check out on IOS


Ah nice, i’l have to have a look.

@jaguar smartphone mobile sorry, may have to check out crossy road though

@arlo Oh yeah I was dying to play the Go games, nows the perfect chance

@juv3nal Im android unfortunately


my guess would be that most of that stuff is multiplatform, though you’d have to check


Ok so 8 levels in and fuck Snakebird.


1 Being “Just download this game” and descending from there

  1. Doug Dug - Digging game where you have to balance risk reward. FREE

  2. Duet - Control two objects at once and try and avoid obstacles. Gorgeous, mesmerizing, very hard game. Great music. $3

  3. Scalak - Incredibly tactile abstract puzzle game. $2

  4. Meteorfall - Slay The Spire-like. $3

  5. 10000000000 (10 Billion) $3 / You Must Build A Boat $5 - The best Match 3s on Mobile IMO. Both a Blast.

  6. Hoplite - Really distilled turn based strategy roguelike. $3

  7. Wayward Souls - Very difficult, but very great, action fantasy roguelike. $7


All of The Room games! Very good puzzlers. Gotta pay for them but they’re worth it imo


Downwell actually works quite well on phones, since it only has three buttons. I find that enabling on-screen buttons helps quite a bit on mobile.


Desert Golfing - An endless side-scrolling desert, where the player can shoot a golf ball using a one finger swipe to determine direction and power.The entirety of the “golf course” is made of sand, making the physics of the golf ball more difficult to predict and control, as if from a bunker.

Super Hexagon - A fast-paced twitch game in which the player controls a triangle on a hexagonal grid in the center while walls come from the edges of the screen. The controls are simple: the player must pivot the triangle to the opening in order to survive.

The Battle of Polytopia - A turn-based single- or multiplayer strategy game. The player takes on the role of the ruler of a Tribe, starting with one advantage over the other tribes, and attempts to build an empire in competition with the other tribes, which can either be controlled by the computer itself, or by a turn-based, “pass and play” system.

Lara Croft Go - A turn-based puzzle video game in the Tomb Raider franchise. The player moves Croft one unit between connected nodes in the given direction. While Croft rests at the node, enemies and obstacles on the board simultaneously take a turn to simultaneously move one unit.

Hidden Folks - A wimmelbilderbuch video game in which players are tasked with locating hidden characters, objects, and animals in a series of environments, similar to the British book series Where’s Wally?.

Gorogoa - Players are presented with four images in a grid and must stack, combine, and explore each image to find a connection between them in order to advance and open new areas. Players are not guided through the process, as the game contains no language, and must work out what they need to do to finish each level.


My favourite mobile game right now is Alto’s Adventure, it’s like an endless runner 2D snowboarding game.


Alto’s Adventure is great, and the sequel, Alto’s Odyssey, builds on the first game in great ways.


Threes is my absolute favorite mobile game. It feels incredibly well designed and a surprising amount of depth once you get into it. The game’s been out for years, and only recently people got the highest possible number you can get in it.

It seems like the most common responses I hear when I tell people about this game is that they’ve either not heard about it, or that it’s like 2048.
This causes me to go on a long rant that 2048 is a soulless copy that doesn’t understand the core design of threes, and makes it so easy that almost anyone swiping randomly can get pretty far. Threes is a much more satisfying, and occasionally frustrating, experience.


I didn’t know there was a sequel, gonna check it out. Thanks!


Not sure if this game is good or bad but I have had a lot of fun with Leap Day over the past month. The only control is tap to jump as your character moves from one side of the screen to the other consistently. It plays almost like a reverse Downwell. Every day there is a new level to play. The levels are “randomly generated” each day. So everyone has that same randomly generated level to my knowledge. There are different themes, like a forest, snow world, iron framework, ect…

What has made it something I have enjoyed is playing it with my fiance who isn’t an avid game player. She doesn’t like competition and would rather do the snuggling than working her way through Zelda, though she has enjoyed it when she’s tried it. But she’ll always ask me when we are waiting for something, “Hey can I play Leap Day”. Now, I’m not entirely sure why this is because she has the same phone as me and can download it for herself but there is something about taking my phone that makes it truly worth it. Well, when she plays you can see her work through every level. She grinds her teeth for a minute before letting out a gleeful noise that I can’t quite define. Not sure I’d enjoy this game nearly as much without her.


I was wondering if anyone has any ideas of any good TBS games on android? im tempted by Banner Saga and I thought I would find Invisible Inc or Shadowrun on android but I cant find anything like them


Shadowrun Returns is definitely on android, but I’m not sure about the rest of the series. Skulls of the Shogun is also on there and quite good and funny, though it doesn’t have any of the RPG elements of the other games you’ve mentioned.