Monster Hunter details


Who’s ready to “research” some Rathalos?

I could not be more hype for a return to beautiful graphics and honestly, I could skip the switch one to just keep myself at maximum excitement for Monhun World.


There’s been some hating going on for MH World and I feel like I stumbled in a different timeline where a seamless world with no area-to-area limitations that a lot of fans clamored for at least a decade is now actually bad.

I’m really excited to get it on PC and the ability to join quests in progress is dope


The trailer was rather confusing. I hope to learn more about how the hunting and combat is actually going to work.


As opposed to previous entries or in general?


I guess both? I don’t feel like I have a good feel of how the game is actually going to play yet.


The last 3DS games had a good tutorial on getting items from the world to craft heal items, traps, armors, and weapons. Than it hunt down monster after monster while using what around to jump on to them or lead them to ambushes.


The world and art looked really beautiful and I could see it being fun to lay a series of traps for a gigantor monster but - are these games fun without a reliable group of friends to play with? Because it feels like a big lonely world all by myself.


Way it works you do some single player stuff to get your head around the game and at a point you’ll have multiplayer open up. From there you can either do one or the other depending on what items you need to do crafting.


It’s probably more fun with a reliable group of friends but I’ve had plenty of fun just playing with randos online


Playing with friends and playing with randos are both fun, I actually really enjoy solo hunting, which is something Generations skewed away from that XX is going to add back. It really all depends on the degree of difficulty that you want to experience and how far you want to go.


Just so y’all know, Socksy is winking hints about new monhun on twitter.


I’m super pumped for this game! I didn’t get into mon hun until after it went to Nintendo, so I never played the original games with this art style. I’m looking forward to playing the game at over 240p.


I was screaming when this happened. Just completely out of left field.

I gotta know more about the gameplay changes. It looks a lot more involved now, you and the monster having much more influence over the playing field.

For now I’m just high off the hype though.

Also good to see them still coming up with weird new monsters. Half the reason I fucking love the monhun team’s designs is all the stuff behind the scenes. They never get surfaced in game but it’s cool knowing they think about all this stuff.


I’m so excited for this. Any next(current?) gen MonHun will be fantastic.
The idea of ‘random’ help from people online, à la Dark Souls, is an interesting addition. Hopefully it pans out.




That probably the one thing they can improve on since it the most time consuming activity.


It’s therapy from the ‘real world’ though.