Monster Hunter Had to Kick My Ass to Teach Me Why It Was So Great

For the first forty hours, I’d found a lot to love about Monster Hunter: World: the memorable creature design, the rewarding combat, the intricate environments. But series devotees had told me that the real joy would be found in preparation, which was something that I’d only ever done at a surface level.

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Yes!! I really like that they’re comparing a win on Nerg to something like a Chicken Dinner in PUBG. As someone who isn’t the biggest fan of the Online Game In Which People Shoot Each Other In The Face genre, it’s nice to hear from someone that it’s very possible to happen / be engineered to happen in at least a PvE situation if not single-player. (I guess my closest analogue would be the first time I killed Firelurker in Demon’s Souls.)

There’s people out there who balk at the idea of comparing Monster Hunter to Dark Souls but damnit, Monster Hunter feels a lot like Dark Souls. A lot of it is about learning the fight and how you approach it. While I didn’t hit too many walls with MHW, Nergigante did cart me twice in the first fight and I backed off for a while. But for me, it was learning to use my weapon against an aggressive fighter. It’s the same issue I had with Bloodstarved Beast in Bloodborne. I was too passive, unwilling to let my health go down. MHW really makes you feel aggressive, and that feeling is incredible once you figure it out.

They’re totally right on that incredible feeling after you take down a monster though. To just eek by, so close to death and you finally downed them. I’m really happy that Austin and Patrick took down Nergigante on stream, and I can’t wait to see their reactions to the next 4 or 5(depending on what optional quests they’ve done) monsters.

Really enjoyed reading this article. And I’m glad to see more of the game starting to click with Austin. Halfway through reading it, I went and took Austin’s advice and watched the entire stream, and it highlights so much of the stuff I love about this series.

From the article:
“At no point did it feel like we had it “in the bag.” Even when it was wounded, even when it had forced it back to its nest, it felt like everything could go wrong—and many things did.”

Yessssss. 100x this. One of the things I think Monster Hunter does so well (and there’s even aspects of this in Souls games since it was brought it up) is evoking in the player a mix of caution and desperation during many of their battles. And it makes the payoff in the end feel sooooooo good.