‘Monster Hunter: World’ Is Fixing Its Loot Troll Problem This Month

A few weeks back, I highlighted one of the more annoying problems facing Monster Hunter: World players. A number of hunters, including several on Waypoint’s staff, reported running into trolls who would attack them while trying to carve a monster post-fight, preventing them from being able to grab the lucrative loot they’d just earned. Capcom had, at the time, told me it was aware of the issue, and today announced a proper fix was coming on March 22.

Starting later this month, players can no longer be interrupted during a carving animation. We’re not just talking about a swing from someone’s hamem, either—it’s everything. All ways of interrupting the animations of other players, including bombs, will no longer do anything.

One of the more extreme solutions I posed was simply having the game automatically do carvings for you, preventing players from missing out on drops, but merely raising the idea prompted a number of Monster Hunter fans to push back, calling carving “core” to the game.

I think that’s pretty ridiculous! In any case, Capcom chose the middleground, and it's fine.

The March 22 patch will bring more changes to the game, including balance changes largely skewed in favor of letting players do more damage, fixing a number of bugs, decreasing loading times, and more. The game will also be adding its first new beast, a massive lizard thing named Deviljho.

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I’m so happy about this being patched out so early. It’s straight up bullying.