'Monster Hunter: World' Trolls Are Making it Impossible to Get Loot


There’s a mixture of emotions at the end of a long hunt in Monster Hunter: World. As the adrenaline subsides, masking anxiety and fear, excitement takes over; it’s time for the reward! Each fight in Monster Hunter is part of larger metagame, as you pray for the right combination of drops to let you upgrade weapons and armor. The game doesn’t hand over those drops, though, as players must carve them from the beast’s corpse.

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I know my time spent in Monster Hunter isn’t representative of everyone’s but I do believe that the trolls aren’t that big of an issue in the grand scheme of things. There are workarounds, even if they’re shitty; but I also have yet to encounter anyone who interrupts my carving at 200 hours. I suppose it could be a lower-rank thing, as I didn’t do multiplayer until I had already finished the game.

I don’t think that first solution (auto-pick ups) will ever happen as that’s a part of the game in the end-game. Knowing where to finish the monster so you can get carves (don’t kill anything with a Bazelgeuse just flying around in the same area because you probably won’t be picking anything up) but with something like the bandit mantle (hits can cause the monster to drop items), it’s all about knowing when to drop your weapon and pick those items up before they disappear. I can see why it would be useful - I loved FFXIV’s autoloot compared to Wow’s looting system - but I honestly don’t think I’d enjoy it too much in Monster Hunter.

That said, that second solution should be implemented. A lot of long-time veterans love to complain about the idea because many of them will spend the last few seconds launching each other into the air, but that’s such a minor part of the game and a minor part of the current community. Most people just run around looking for nodes to mine or herbs to gather, so I don’t think there’d really be any issue if Capcom just dropped the ability for players to flinch each other after fights.


I think you should take no damage or get any state effects once you killed or capture the monster at the end since it not only from trolls but from smaller creatures and environment triggers.


There’s specifically a talent that prevents carving interruption. This was designed in mind of carving something in the middle of a bunch of smaller aggressive monsters, who seem to be less aggressive during the end of the hunt. It might be worth granting everyone that talent just during the mission complete sequence.


I’ve had this happen to me, but only once and thankfully it was during an otherwise throwaway arena hunt. I died just before the monster did and when I got back one of the players just continually hit me to stop me from carving. I actually found it kind of funny!

For what its worth I think it’d be preferable if Capcom could somehow give everyone in the hunt the Carve Pro as soon as the countdown starts. I think the game already makes you invincible during this time-frame so maybe its not super unreasonable to ask for something like that.

I think I fall on the side of not wanting the game to just automatically pick up drops for me though. There’s something cool and interesting to the idea that you have to spot the drops, or carve the monster if you want the loot. By automating those processes I feel like the game would maybe lose another rough edge that makes it what it is. Or maybe I’m just crazy and it turns out that’d be great, like having infinite whetstones.


I play multiplayer whenever I can, always sending or responding to SOSs. I have had this happen once. I responded to a SOS and I didn’t get to the monster before the other players killed it. I got there right after. So when another player started attacking me I just thought it was his or her way of telling me I didn’t deserve the reward. I thought it was excessive but it made sense. I had no idea this was happening often!


My god, is nothing sacred in this world anymore? The players who do this kind of thing are the real “monsters” of the game.

Given a lot of this game is made up of grinding/farming for certain monster parts to make gear, I would absolutely lose my shit if another player (at least a stranger) did this to me! I already hate it enough when the smaller monsters interrupt my carving lol.

Also I +1 the idea of getting the carve pro skill once a mission is complete. Seems like it should satisfy both the people who like the physical act of carving and the people who want to be able to launch people after a mission lol.


I actually kinda like the second option a little better just because I like the little dopamine hit I get when your character gets all excited and starts vigorously digging through the body of the deceased monster (in my case wearing all white no less) like some sort of grim corpse doctor and then punching their hand in the air clutching a tiny spoiler_wyrvern_name_here gem. It’s just not the same when you get it in the quest rewards afterwards.


Auto Looting would be so boring if I spend my time getting that tail cut off and the rest of the group don’t come back to to carve it even though I have a chat saying hey Tail here they should not get my hard work In my opinion


This is a recurring thing with game design in general, but especially with some Japanese-developed games, where the developers didn’t anticipate that people would be so crappy to each other.


Not a fan of playing with people I dont know. Havent had a problem with this when I have but also playing with rando takes a bit of fun out of the hunt and kinda just makes it video gamey if that makes any sense.


I just had my first experience with this last night after over 50 hours of play, a lot of it multiplayer.

I must say I was very surprised when it happened, as my experience playing with random people so far has been nothing but excellent. I mean, some people were kind of bad sometimes, sure. But everyone seemed like they were giving it their best shot.

It took a bit to really get what was going on, and then I remembered a trick I had heard. I put the PS4 to rest mode, and when I woke it up and logged back in, I was still playing the game at that exact point, but now offline. I could now get my rewards without interruption. Just in time too, as I only had 20 seconds left.

But this really sucks. It’s hard to believe someone would invest so much time into this game just to be a jerk. I mean, the amount of time I put in to it has not been insignificant, so it must be somewhat similar for that person too. So weird.

I hope this doesn’t become more frequent. I’ve really enjoyed playing with random people so far. I’d really hate for a few bad actors to ruin it.


As far as I’ve heard it’s mostly used as a punishment if you screw up during the fight or do something annoying from their point of view. Honestly it’s made me a bit anxious when I’m playing with randoms in case I mess something up.

I’ve had some weird stuff lately where people will join your SOS and then sit in the camp doing nothing apparently it’s to farm the bonus items without playing but that doesn’t seem like a good way to do that anyway.


Is this something that happened in the older Monster Hunter games? I don’t remember this happening on account of people frantically trying to carve the monster before time ran out. Or is there no time limit in Monster Hunter World? (Haven’t had a chance to buy it yet …)


Looks like Capcom liked my idea because they’re patching in no flinch during carves according to Famitsu. Hoping today’s stream covers the stuff in that Famitsu article but no flinch during carves is a really awesome move by Capcom!


Quick Update!

Capcom’s new patch on March 22nd is making you immune to interrupt after quest completion. They also are preventing attacks from allies during carving to be interrupted as well before quest completion. Now, no one can grief you for going for that Rathalos tail while chasing him down.