Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


With the beta starting soon and many of us (Old fans and newcomers) will be heading out to kill some massive beast. I wanted to start the MH: W thread to share our experiences, both from the beta and the full release, and maybe share some old ones. Now time to load up the game…

Why It’s So Hard to Get into Games like Monster Hunter

I have REALLY bounced off the MH series in the past due in part to both the super complex systems and gameplay as well as the games mostly being on mobile. Any tips for a newcomer to maybe try to get into this series?


This will probably be my first MH but I agree the complexity has put me off in the past.


They been getting better at tutoring you with the game’s systems and Worlds from the beta has been the most aggressive with it. The beta has a training ground where you can try out with weapons, tools, and movements to understand how things work and find which weapons you’ll like.
Anyway here some video of me playing


I would recommend spending some time in the training area and getting to know the moveset of your weapon of choice.


This is really very fun. I don’t understand anything going on except that I’m supposed to bash the monsters, but I also don’t really feel like digging into all the systems for a demo.

Even before playing it I was convinced this was something I wanted in my life (not having played any game in the series before), but I’m glad it also feels so good to play.


So far I’m liking all of the lance + shield weapon sets. Allows for quick attacking as well as guarding which was a blessing in the 20 minutes I got to play of the demo. Hopefully I can start wrapping my head around the more intricate stuff over time.


The insect tracker is pretty interesting as you do some investigating like look at foot prints and scent to locate the monster. Makes it feel like it part of the world while shorting the time to finding the monster.


I tried the demo & even after the training felt incredibly overwhelmed especially in the combat. While I appreciated the inset tracker I couldn’t tell if it was taking me where I was supposed to go because it would keep splitting up to highlight plants or footprints located behind me. The combat just felt way too sluggish & favored animation over responsiveness which simply does not appeal to my personal taste. In the end it made me want to play Dragon’s Dogma instead which I ended up doing which was really good.

I do want to give the game a chance though because it looks super interesting but I wish I had a proper tutorial that can ease me into all the mechanics.

Also localize Dragon’s Dogma Online Capcom you cowards!!


My first time with this series has been this beta, after a bit of adjustment I’m having a lot of fun and even considering pre order, which is something I rarely do.

My favorite weapon so far has been the Charge Blade, the Gunlance is a bit hard to use but when you land one of those explosive attacks correctly is very satisfying, it’s a mess in multiplayer however since those same blasts can disrupt your friends. Tried all weapons in the training area but to be honest, in the field is a completely different experience, it needs to be tested with an actual monster to truly grasp the mechanics.


The sword and shield might be more to your taste. You can change directions during your combo to a degree most other weapons can’t, and Your dodge can interrupt almost anything you do and travels a good distance.


The full game single player should be the training session you’ll be looking for as it gives you missions for basic task while giving you time to work with the controls. At a certain point it’ll open up multiplayer so that you have a better time working with others while knowing the systems of the game.


The beta weekend helped to cement this as my most anticipated release next year. I was able to pick up and play HBG and LBG the same way I have been for years. And then adding additional features to make the fights even more dynamic than they have been int he past. I think it was during the Barroth hunt I was yelling in Discord that I can move an shoot! Where in every other game it would feel novel Here it’s the new sliced bread. The beta also made Rathalos fearsome again. It’s been a long time since I was legit scared of what he could do. And found myself getting tense when the Anjanath would go up to the nest to get away.

Also the hammer in this game. My God! I have not been so KO crazy since my Portable 3rd days. I’m glad there is at least one more day of the beta left now to try the other weapons. And it’s just enough of a slice to want more come January. I hope anyone on the fence about trying that has access to the beta gives it a shot. The series has come a long way from the single analog and claw days of the PSP.


Monster Hunster in HD is pretty incredible. It’s not the most graphically impressive games, but considering how long they’ve been using the same textures, only touching some up between iterations, it’s pretty mind-blowing shifting suddenly into a fully HD Monster Hunter. During the beta, I was also impressed by the amount of wildlife beyond the monsters you were hunting. The maps felt pretty alive and wild thanks to the bugs, plants, birds and small mammals roaming around. Can’t wait to spend more time in this world.


I played the beta, after playing a bunch of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS. I love any game with dinosaurs and the monster design is on point. I just stuck with the default axe and managed to kill the first two monsters. The second fight involved the target monster attracting a larger dragon creature, before it got sucked into a sink hole. It was pretty epic. I’ll definitely be getting this game.


I loved the wildlife as well, yesterday i just fooled around in the maps and noticed so many different details, the color of water in the desert map is gorgeous, and not only the smaller wild creatures (just realized you can capture them with a net) but all the different fungi and plants, everywhere you looked seemed to be meticulously crafted and natural, like some sort of alien world natural of course.

Oh, I tryed to fight Rathalos and Diablos too, got my ass handed to me but it was a blast. I could barely do anything with the melee weapons, discovered that fighting ranged can be very enjoyable as well, loved the HBG and LBG with all the different kinds of ammo and stuff like that…


I’ve played Dual Blades since I started playing Freedom Unite. I feel kinda bad about it because it’s a fast weapon in a game that is built around slow, giant weapon swings, but it’s what I’ve found fun and I’ve begun to appreciate the subtle differences in its moveset with each game I play. Also, without the ability to hit enemies that are high off the ground except their feet, you have to use the environment a lot more if you want to, say, strike a flying monster or to slice off a tail. So while I respect the big giant swings that shake the earth and send monsters reeling, I’ll likely be beside those players zipping in and out and through the monster’s legs to do a bunch of damage and then run back to drink some dash juice or, inevitably, sharpen my blades.

As for MHW, having played the demo a few times through, I am pretty certain this is going to end up being high up on my 2018 GotY lists. It’s so damn fun and my trusty Dual Blades have never felt better.


I’ve been playing Monster Hunter since Freedom 2 on PSP, and even I felt a little overwhelmed with how many (new) systems there are in this one, so don’t feel bad if anyone couldn’t quite wrap their head around everything going on in the beta.

Yes it’s true the games historically haven’t done the best job of introducing their systems and mechanics, but with some time and exposure, learning this stuff is all very doable. And it may help to know that in the full game (if it’s anything like it’s predecessors), it should be pretty good about slowly scaling the difficulty of the monsters it’ll have you fight in the beginning of the game, giving you lots of chances to practice learning your preferred weapon(s) and familiarizing yourself with the game. Happy hunting everyone!

(P.S. Hammer feels realllly good in this game)


Watched a number of streams of MHW, and I have to say … I’m pretty impressed? I think this will really scratch the itch I had when playing Destiny 2. There looks to be enough systems and such at play that would make me reeeeal interested in picking this up with a few friends. I’m really regretting not taking more time to try the beta myself but damn does this look like a good time - hopefully there’ll be enough tutorials in place for new players approaching for the first time. From some discussions I’ve had with other folks, it sounds like they’re going to make a few QOL changes?

(Also I saw a few clips of folks using the hammer. Damn that looks real satisfying to hit with it!!!)


So far the QOL changes had been actual camera control, finding monsters, and smoother menus to access useful items like heals or traps. The smart thing they do is they work around those changes like finding monsters is like actual hunting with looking at foot prints or smelling scents. The more clues you find the better chances of getting the location. To even out the faster menus the monsters will spot out who even not attacking it so it rewards you to go for open moments to heal instead of middle of battles.