Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


I played the game earlier this year on PS4, but I’ve been playing the port with some of my friends and it’s a decent port of a great game! Those load times are so fast now.

Getting back into the game and teaching my friends how to play has reminded me just how difficult it is to wrap your head around some of the systems the game throws at you. Everything I hear this is the most approachable MH yet, so I suppose that’s nice?

I’m impressed with how the experience changes in multiplayer, but still retains much of the same feelings as solo. Because the faint count for failure remains the same and is counted across the whole group the stakes remain high and many missions of mine have had desperate moments where we have one faint left, someone’s stunned and low health and the rest of us need to act fast. It’s real cool!

As for multiplayer with other forum users, the PC version has removed the guild stuff and didn’t adequately replace it, so it will be much harder to find many people playing at once. I’m still helping my irl friends through the game but I’m interested in playing with others when I have more time! I’m pretty sure you’d find others who want to play on the waypoint community discord too!


I’ve put about 100 hours into this game, basically 99.9% solo. But today I answered some SOS flares and realised I’ve been a fucking idiot. Coop is so much fun! In a way it’s good, because it almost feels like I have a completely new game to play, and am really excited about it for the first time in a long time.
I couldn’t find the right motivation solo anymore. Why was I running around grinding these monsters? But working together with others the motivation is so clear: I get to help people!

Been thinking I should try out some more weapons too, but I’m so comfortable with the gunlance that I’m not sure why I should.


I haven’t been able to stop playing it since it released on PC. I tried switch axe for a bit and liked it but then I swapped it for Insect Glaive because I wanted something faster. Plus then you technically get 2 pets :slight_smile:

I’d be down to team up and hunt some high rank monsters with you if you ever want to team up!


Oops, fell back into the MonHun urge. Still haven’t added another weapon to my repertoire, but I’m eyeing the sword and shield. Mostly because it’s so very different from gunlance when it comes to speed.

This won’t happen, but for any sequel, I hope they make the hub optional. I would love to just have a static menu where I can do my equipment, bounties, the forge, all that, a bit how it looks in Darkest Dungeon. No reason to run around that environment just because, with time-consuming transitions and dialogues. And think of the loading times it would save us! The hub looks nice, and it’s neat, but it’s not very efficient.


I’m actually on a somewhat opposite end and want them to combine the MP and SP hubs into one thing, kinda like destiny. It’ll help multiplayer seem closer to what it was in the earlier games and GU. Maybe they will change it up for whatever G-Rank thing they release next.


I’m currently playing through Monster Hunter World for the first time. I’m kinda sad I missed the Waypoint wave of enthusiasm for this game. Would have loved to be hyped with y’all!

I’ve grown comfortable with insect glaive. In the future I think I’ll try out the bow or lance. Last night I fought Diablos for the first time. It was a super fun/desperate fight that had me on the ropes for a decent portion but I managed to push through!

I remember playing the demo of a Monster Hunter game for 3DS and bouncing off of it real hard. It was difficult and I hated that what felt like such a “big” game was on such a tiny screen. MH on console/pc looks and feels much better to me.


I would be on board for that as well. The gathering hub has never felt very natural to me, but they don’t seem to be terribly good at designing online cooperation play anyway.

Thinking more about making the hub optional, I also feel that should maybe only be an option after you beat the story. The hub, and all the characters in it, really helps with the world building I think. Even if the story itself isn’t very important, the progression through it is fun as it introduces new monsters and environments. I wouldn’t want to miss all that.


GU on the switch is probably my favorite of all of them because it has all the quirks of the earlier games, but you don’t have to combat the 3DS controls. But World controls the best out of all of them for sure. What platform are you playing World on?


Yeah you should be able to just pull up the start menu and do what you need to do, but also run around if necessary. In GU, they put a lot of the side things you can do as menu options with the palico in your room, so that could be a good compromise. Where are you playing World, btw?


I’m playing on PS4. Got the game sale in October! I’m much more amenable to checking out GU after my very positive experience with World!


Cool. I sent you my PSNID in case you want to team up.


Hot off the presses!

Wintery expansion coming autumn 2019. Cool!
Geralt (the witcher) will be in MonHon sometime next year. With voice acting and new quests and stuff, I dunno.
Oh. and like a tempered Nergigante or something, that I won’t be fighting.


Definitely will have to try arch Kulve though! Lots of good weapons you can get from her.

So excited for this expansion. They said G-rank sized, so expect multiple new areas, not just totally ice, new ranks of quests, armor, weapons/weapon move changes, and of course a bunch of new (and returning, like nargacuca) monsters.


I have made several aborted attempts to get into MH:W since release. I really love the character creator, the kitties, and the FASHION, and the moment-to-moment fighting is fun, but I feel like I’m overwhelmed by all the other stuff, like some other posters have indicated. I really do want to make another effort to dive back in, though. Some of the advice here is helpful. Still feel like there’s ten thousand icons and menus I’m baffled by, but maybe I just need to settle in and take the time to learn.


Totally understood. If you ever want some help either via coop or just explaining some of the mechanics in the game, let me know. It has a high barrier to entry, for sure. Having someone run you through what you need to pay attention to and worry about helps. I had someone help me when I started as well.


So I didn’t actually recognize anything new in that trailer? Did they just edit together a 1:30 trailer to glimpse a shrouded island and a pair of eyes or are there interesting things that someone more of a veteran monster hunter would pick up on?


Yeah. So the trailer teased a new ice map which is a biome we don’t have yet (and they mentioned that there will be more environments, not just ice), they showed a bunch of hunters in new and upgraded gear (presumably made from materials from the new and upgraded monsters and areas), and the glowing red eyes are referencing a fan favorite monster Nargacuga. Basically a flying cat with a big tail it whacks you with.

Nargacuga also uses an animation rigging that is shared with another fan favorite Tigrex, who is known to frequent chilly areas, so it is safe to assume it could be included as well.

After showing the trailer the producer mentioned it will be similar in size to other G-rank titles, which usually add multiple new areas, expand the monster roster, and upgrade the old roster with new moves. New levels of existing weapons are unlocked (ie. higher damage, new purple sharpness level), as well as new sets of armor. I’d assume that they will be creating new monsters for this as well, not just bringing in old ones. Plus he mentioned a new story continuing where World’s left off.


Tbh, Geralt and an ice map might be enough for me to give this game a shot.


Very excited for some new Monster Hunter content that isn’t just elder dragon hunts. As much as I liked the arch tempered monsters, I really wanted them to bring me super juiced up versions of the earlier monsters. So many elder dragon hunts. Maybe by that time my wife will have bought that PS4 she is always threatening to get.


I’m a first time monster hunter player who started playing World with some friends (also first time players) this fall and honestly the best way to get into it is to just play the game and not worry too much about all the small stuff at first. There’s a lot of info presented via some very dense and occasionally clunky, unnecessarily complex UI, but it’s almost all stuff that you will gradually learn as you play. A lot of it the game teaches you, and the rest you can figure out with some investigation. The game is still tons of fun even if you don’t get really deep into the more micromanagey stuff, but that micromanagey stuff is largely not as difficult as it first seems and will eventually become second nature if you chose to take the initial time to get into it.

Also some advice if you do play:
-Having multiple weapons with different elements or properties is super helpful and using them to exploit weaknesses can make some hard monsters a lot easier.
-The hunter’s notes in the information tab of the menu has detailed weapon control guides in it that helped me a lot, but the game’s tutorials don’t tell you about their existence for some reason.
-There are glowing beetles in the environment that you can use as grappling hook points no matter your equipment, but the game never directly tells you about them as far as I know.
-The joining online sessions is confusing and slightly nonsensical but like many things in MH its not as bad as it seems once you learn how to do it. If you can rope any friends into playing with you then it can be really fun hangout game, and multiplayer really speeds up the late-game equipment-crafting grind.

Anyway if you give it another shot I hope you end up enjoying it, its a fantastic game!!

On the expansion, I’m very excited for this!! MHW has some of the coolest environment and enemy design I’ve ever seen in games and the prospect of a whole set of new ones has me practically giddy. :smile: