Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


It sounds like I chose the WRONG fight to take on when just coming back to the game, haha!


You sure did! Kulve is back right now and I think she is a decent difficulty to get back into the swing of things.

Plus you get lots of weapons.


I’m doing the thing I swore not to do. This series always seemed liked it would be impossible for me to get into but, damn it, I’m playing Monster Hunter.

This is Gustav: DvkHAV4VsAE4We4

And his kitty, Spade: DvkHRJBUYAEMBHy

Expect many questions. The first of which, what exactly is the difference between prioritizing resolution or graphics? Framerate’s not a huge deal for me, not yet at least, and I just want this game to look its best. I want to actually use this fancy new television I got.


I don’t have a lot to say about graphics options other than it runs well on consoles and fantastically on pc, if you’re asking about resolution vs framerate settings on the upgraded consoles I guess it’s best just to feel it out. I don’t think the game is necessarily a graphical showcase so personally I’d prioritise getting it running smoothly.

Anyway, always open for questions, let us know how it goes!


Is the heavy bowgun a good choice for novices? I like the idea of playing a ranged tank, but I don’t even know if Monster Hunter has roles like that.


The difference between the graphics options on consoles are
Prioritise Framerate - 1080p, lower graphical settings, bounces between 30-60 usually around 45fps.
Prioritise Graphics - 1080p, better/more shadows. Not much else different. Also unlocked, usually hovers around 30-ish.
Prioritise Resolution - Checkerboard 4k, higher resolution textures, same framerate as Graphics mode.

Personally I went with Resolution because it looks a bit crisper and the unlocked framerate of performance mode bounced about too much much for me. If you’re looking to make best use of a 4K TV go with Resolution mode.


It may not be the most obvious choice for someone starting out, but if you can get passed its reduced mobility, the Heavy Bowgun is totally fine. Just make sure it feels good to you (and don’t forget to sheath if you just need to get away from a monster).

You can also totally customize your loadout to be a range tank – especially as you get into High Rank. So if that’s what you want to go for, the HBG is definitely the weapon to do that with. In the mean time, note that you can customize individual bowguns with mods at the Blacksmith, and you’ll probably want to add shields for early game tankiness. I never played with the weapon too much (so I can’t speak too much about its finer details), and you probably won’t have the blocking capability of a Lance or Gunlance user at first, but once you start getting higher level mods and armor skills you should be plenty durable.


There’s an event about to end soon that nets you a water longsword path (Azure Star Longsword) and a pretty good armour set with the same name, but the upgrade to that sword needs a rare Rathalos reward.

So I’ve been frantically killing like a like a dozen Rathalos and have not yet received a ruby, does anyone know if the upgrade option is still there after the event ends or?


I’m pretty sure the only thing that goes away is the quest that gives the gear-specific materials. You should be fine if you have those accounted for.


Oh, phew. I wasn’t sure how this game did its event gear stuff; it’s been a while.
Thanks for the info :slight_smile:


Welp, after the end of year lists from all the various websites went up, I decided to make my own list and kind of realize that MH: World was probably my game of the year. I played SO much of it when it first came out. Once I got to high rank and the big dragons, I decided I didn’t really feel like continuing and traded it in for like $30+. However, I think I am gonna go back and buy it again! I played with the hammer my first playthrough and absolutely loved it. This time I’m gonna play with a slicing weapon to change it up because I also played a little bit with the bow last time and don’t feel like dealing with ammo.


If you want to tank as a HBG person, you’ll want to prioritize skills like guard and guard up (in certain cases). The level of shields on your gun determine how much knockback you get, so balance that with the needs of your ammo type. (Some ammo will require recoil or reload mods). HBG auto-blocks, so as long as you aren’t shooting or reloading when you are attacked you’ll block it.

It’s a slow moving weapon, so it can be tough to use for someone new as your roll is extremely lumbering. So if it is too much at the start try out LBG to get a feel for the monsters. Switching back and forth between the two is much easier than between two less related weapons.

In regards to framerate stuff on the consoles, I always go prioritize framerate. It’ll run smoother in a lot of areas, not as good as PC of course, but that extra performance is nice to have.


Bow isn’t too bad in that regard as you never run out of arrows. The coatings are what runs out, and they like to do that a lot unfortunately, though you always have close range coatings. The nice thing about these games is that there’s always another weapon to try out after you get tired of one. I was similarly worried about ammo as well, but now I use all the bows and guns in World and main bow in GU!

As for slicing weapons, I definitely recommend the greatsword. Longsword is great as well.


I ended up picking up the longsword after trying the sword and shield and not liking it that much. I was kind of looking for a not slow weapon or I would have definitely played with the greatsword!


Longsword is a great choice. It might be a little bit simpler than what some people would prefer but it’s really satisfying, especially when you land an R2+Triangle hit, flip into the air and land the follow-up slice.

You’ve already played with Hammer, which I think is always a good starter weapon, but if you’re looking to branch out the Switch Axe has become a favourite of some, I spent a lot of my initial time with that, you plant your feet but as opposed to Greatsword you can swing for days and combo into elemental sword slices, very good tail cutter.

If you want to get into something more experimental I’ll recommend Charge Blade for something mobile and more advanced (it’s not as complicated as people allude to), and for something slower but with an impressive amount of defence I really like the Gunlance, you can see Austin using both of these on the streams, the value of the GL block can really not be underestimated, and CB’s block is decent too.
I guess you can consider it more of a tank-y class that sports a really satisfying finishing move.


Something that’s kept the combat from being monotonous through repeatable content for me has been to just keep switching it up and dabbling in different weapons.

I’ve got over a handful of different appropriately upgraded weapons that I switch out based on the monster’s elemental weakness, like a dragon phial Switch-Axe, a Kadachi thunder elemental Charge-Blade, or the water based Azure Star Longsword from aforementioned event, which forces me to switch it up and play differently.

I don’t know exactly what inspired me to experiment, but part of what caught my interest was looking at Gaijin Hunter’s weapon tutorials and testing out unconventional weapons like the Hunting Horn.


dear monster hunters,

i’m trying to jump into this awesome land of monster hunting. i picked up a couple of copies of this game on black friday at $15 each (sweet!) hoping to play it co-op with a buddy of mine. i’ve heard that these games are complex and hard to jump into, etc, but i’m finding myself stuck even getting into a quest with my partner…

  1. we’re both near the very beginning of the game, the first obvious main settlement.

  2. we have both separately completed the “Jagras of the Ancient Forest (slay 7 jagras)” quest.

  3. we are in an online session together, in a squad together, and both now are being told to do the “Kestodon Kerfluffle” quest. At this point the game is telling me “from here on out you can partner with another player and do quests!” so i’m thinking it can happen, but it’s … not.

???. i start the quest, i’m in the quest-land, my partner is still back at the settlement. are we supposed to be jumping into the quest at the same time? it doesn’t seem to work like that - i’ve done some research saying that one player needs to get to a certain ‘cutscene’ in the quest before another player can join - what exactly is the deal with this? as i’m in the “Kestodon Kerfluffle”, my partner back in the settlement is getting a message along the lines of “you can’t join your partner’s quest until the next cutscene happens” … … …

anyway, after literally 40-ish minutes of being in the settlement/quest fussing together we just gave up. i feel silly. so after they left i kept playing this “Kestodon Kerfluffle” and after killing five female and three male kestodons (i died once in the attempt), there is a cutscene in which a different big lizard comes in and eats a Kestodon and it’s like “GO KILL THE BIG LIZARD! OR SOS FLARE OR GO HOME!”. is this the cutscene we’ve been waiting for? should my partner be able to join me after this big lizard cutscene? is that the thing? are most missions like this, where i’ll have to play alone for a while before my partner can even join?

my understanding was that this was a series that was pretty cool to play multiplayer, but my frustrations have been thrashing just trying to get into a mission with my pal. i apologize in advance for my helpless noobishness here - i’ve done research elsewhere and haven’t found anything that works, and i thought you all might be kind enough to point me firmly in the right direction. thank you so much. <3


Correct, for most of the missions where you hunt a monster for the first time you have to get to that cutscene in order for anyone to be able to join you. Also, if I remember correctly the person joining also has to have seen that cutscene in order to join. I think the method people use is that both people start the quest solo, get to the point where the cutscene plays, and one quits to join the other to hunt the monster.

This becomes less of a problem later on when doing quests that aren’t your first encounters with monsters but yeah it’s a bit of a hassle if you wanna run through it all co-op.


Monster Hunter co-op is a… weird beast.
I haven’t played a full version of the other games so I can’t say if this has been a problem in the past, but considering its origins as a ps2 and then a handheld series they probably needed to figure some things out.

It’s true that the frustrations diminish over time as you get out of long scripted tutorials and get straight to “go hunt the monster!” quests, but I understand where it comes from. Danika had many of the same issues trying to play through it with a co-op partner.

You can jump into your friend’s game after they meet the monster and get the “SOS flare can now be used” prompt, indicating it’s now open for multiple players.

It’s a bad way to do it, they could’ve easily had you partner up for a quest and had the cutscene play for all players when the first person encountered the trigger.
I hope you stick with it, it’s really rewarding once you get past those ill-conceived multiplayer design decisions.


Hello, dear fans of the game!
I’ve watched the trailer and liked the style of drawing and the idea of open world.
The only thing that troubles me - should I start with Monster Hunter:World, or its better to play previous games before?