Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


Starting with World is probably ideal. The plot is self-contained and it’s much easier to learn the mechanics.


World is definitely most accessible. It’s going to be a little overwhelming at first with the amount of information thrown at you but just try out each weapon and go with the flow.

If you do end up loving World and somehow find the time to check out the older games AND you have a Switch then please get Generations Ultimate. It’s loaded with all the monsters ever along with hunter styles and super moves. But it’s a lot less accessible compared to World. Heck if that sounds interesting to you then maybe just get GenU and save World for when Iceborne expansion is released.


thanks for the extremely helpful replies, Shenaniganery and cyberspacecat! was able to get a couple of successful hunts in with my partner this morning, had a fine time. the co-op system does seem to be a bit weird/archaic, but i think we can work with it… thanks again y’all. :heart_eyes:


Once you get past those cutscenes, joining things is much easier. Don’t know why they made them only viewable by solo players, but hopefully that goes away in the expansion.


Or just do what I do and play both simultaneously, haha.


Tempered Kirin, I’m not a fan. I’ve tried to avoid fighting this bastard all game long, but now I have an assignment and better get it over with. But I really don’t think it’s a very fun fight. Every time I get stunned it always follows it up with putting some lightning right on me. Argh!! All the jumping around, and the random lightning blasts, nah. Yuck.


Which weapon are you going with? I think I used lance for T Kirin but I have also used bow and LBG. Mobile is best.


I also lanced and threw on enough Uragaan armor for the thunder res + Guard up just to get it over with.

Giving your Palico a sleep weapon and bringing along mega bombs can speed things up. Thunder mantle helps a lot as well.

Kirin and Daora are monsters I definitely would not miss if they were to never show up again.


Thanks for the tips. I’m using sword and shield, feels like speed is key. Might as well try to craft a fire weapon before I give it a serious go again. Used ice but that’s only two stars. Should probably make some better armour too, I don’t focus very much on armour.

Focused for a good while on just getting a full set of Xeno, which I now have. So I guess it’s time to specialize sets a bit more for more balance. There is just so much of it, it’s a bit overwhelming.


On the topic of armor, once you’re at very high level quests (which sounds like where you are), it’s also a good time to consider looking into armor skills if you haven’t yet.

How you approach skills is up to you (it can be overwhelming!), but my personal recommendation is to look at the skill descriptions, see if any sound particularly complimentary to your playstyle, and build some armor pieces and charms for that. A couple quick examples of skill loadouts I have:

  1. One that centers around boosting affinity chance and damage (which is basically critical hits), harnessing skills like ‘Latent Power’ , ‘Weakness Exploit’ , ‘Critical Boost’ , and ‘Affinity Sliding’.

  2. One that boosts Defense, Health (which when combined with eating health boosting food, gives me a max HP of 200!) and offers ‘Divine Blessing’ (chance to take less damage than usual)

  3. One that turns my hunter into a ‘medic/support’ role that I use in tough 4-person hunts. The skills it incorporates are ‘Wide-Range’ (consumable items affect not only you, but everyone around you), ‘Free Meal’ (25% chance that using a consumable item actually doesn’t actually use it up, essentially giving you a ‘free’ use), and ‘Speed Eating’ (increases item use speed).

One last tip on skills!
Every piece of armor has one or two skills ‘built in’. If you’re trying to find armor with a particular skill, you can go to the Blacksmith, browse armor, and sort by ‘Skills’, and when you select a skill, it will highlight all armor with that skill built in.

Edit: I lied. Got one more skill tip. While I personally like to mix and match armor from different monsters for cosmetic/style points, there are unique skills that you can only get by having multiple pieces of armor from a specific monster equipped. For instance, you can get the ‘Diablos Mastery - Bludgeoner’ skill from having two pieces of Diablos armor on, and it increases your weapon’s attack as its sharpness decreases. So you may want to look into some of those as well!

Best of luck!


Yo, didn’t know you could browse the blacksmith by skill. That is useful. I do think about skills a lot, and a lot of them are immediately useful, but it’s tricky to figure out what to go for. But having different specialized builds like you’ve said is something I’ve thought about. (The fact that you can save loadouts alludes to the fact that this is how you should play.)
I think a problem I’ve had is i focus too much on the “defence” stat, like that would be the most important thing, when resistances and skill and all that are also super important. So I’ve usually mostly focused on the latest “best” armour.

Just for context, I’ve played 110+ hours, HR 49, so I know the game fairly well, but it’s ridiculous how much there is to learn still. How many different play styles and weapons and armour there is to learn about. It’s amazing.


Yeah sorry if we throw stuff at you that is known, MH fans looove to give tips. (I guess that goes for almost every game though.) Yeah I definitely have monster specific sets. Even if they are suboptimal, some monsters require specific non-dps skills.

Kirin sets have thunder, stun, and blight resist if I can manage it, Vaal has effluvia resist, Teo has blast, Luna has…well I am still working on a good anti-Luna set…


Update: Managed to complete the hunt. Thank god for the SOS flare and Japanese players with hunter rank 250. Pray I never have to fight Kirin again.


If you want that gamma armor for bowguns you might!


The Witcher 3 crossover event is a very fun thing. It’s basically just a quest from the Witcher but in MonHun, it’s very well made. Love hearing Geralt, it’s been a while. The actual fight wasn’t very fun maybe, the jagras summoning was an unnecessary frustration.


Agreed. I hear the multiplayer version of that monster is even more difficult. Think I might skip that one. Hope the extreme BS difficulty of these monsters isn’t indicative of what we’ll see in Iceborne.


I honestly didn’t find Leshen difficult, though the Pukei sidequest makes things much more frustrating. Ancient Leshen is a slog, though. I’ve only given it five attempts, and I’m sure it’s doable, but with both decoration farming and the Arch-KT event going on, it’s low on my list of priorities.