Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


I was a bit skeptical while playing the beta but it all changed when I mounted an Anjanath’s tail and took it down after several faints using a Wyvern Blade. Extremely excited for the open demo!


Just a heads-up, Capcom will be doing an open beta Dec. 22-26, so you can get another shot to try it out!


Best part about round two of this beta is that is is open to everyone on PSN, and does not require PS+. Hope to see a bunch of new hunters this weekend.


A few buddies recommend this game. I’ll just finish installing the new set of tires, forged wheels and some LED light bars on the current truck project then I’ll work on the new PC set and start playing. Can’t wait to play this game.


Just to remind that a third beta is on the way, starting jan 19-21, it will include an additional 15 min mission to hunt Nergigante and PS+ is not required

see ya there :slight_smile:


I too will be using MH:W as my jumping off point for the series. Will I only be getting half the experience by playing single-player only?


A lot of the content is specifically split to have mainline story hunts, and free hunts, not tied to the story. These can all be completed solo, at no penalty to the player. If you prefer to play the game solo, there is no harm in playing alone. And no content that you would be locked out from by playing solo. Is there any particular reason you would be playing solo only?


Think of the single-player as a smartly made tutorial as you work your way to higher ranks while learning to prep items, gears, systems, and monster movements till multiplayer opens up to fight monsters that you must need a team to take down.


That’s good to hear!

Regarding solo: in recent years I’ve found the experience of playing online multiplayer strangely… lonely?

I tend to gravitate towards solo experiences and towards experiences where my partner can spectate and look at a walkthrough as I play. We had a lot of fun playing Breath of the Wild and Dark Souls in 2017 and I think MH could scratch that same itch this year.


Looking forward to this.
Been a long wierd ride with the monster hunter series. My first try with the PSP games were very intimidating, and even painful! (look up the “monster hunter claw hand”).
Every MH game I try and use a different weapon:
Freedom Unite, the Greatsword, which I had to treat like a close range sniper rifle
Tri (Wii), the Gunlance, which actually had some cool combos i had to look up online to figure out how to pull off
Four Ultimate: The Insect Glaive, maybe my favorite so far, i like the idea of weaponized bugs, and all the jumping and flipping
Generations: Hunting horn, actually the most powerful weapon i’ve used in the series! i was a bit intimidated having to remember songs but it was actually pretty easy

in Worlds going to try long range weapons, which i never really delved into.
Don’t have psplus, so unless I really change my mind about paying for online, will be a solo adventure.


That’s actually a really cool way to handle games where there is not a built in or even robust online feature set. I would say in defense of MHW that there is a very robust online community that is into the idea of helping foster strong relationships in the community (if that’s what you feel is lacking). And that you can very seamlessly go from playing solo to online w/ a button press. The magic is that you are not stuck playing one or the other. And if you find the experience of playing online is not growing on you, you can still get through and experience the entire game solo. If you do decide that you want to give the online a try though I would be happy to help as much as possible. Did you get a chance to play in either of the betas?


Welcome to the club!!! But seriously that is impressive to have tried to many weapons across the multiple iterations. But ever since using it in Portable 2nd, I have been in love w/ Heavy Bowgun. The changes in World are there to make it the most accessible it has been in years. And ranged combat in general is just so much faster now. If you get a chance to play the last beta next weekend I would try all three ranged options if you can.


Do you think the full game will have the same type of time limits? How is it in the other games?
For the last hunt 20 minutes felt way too stressful, so I’d be a little bummed out if it was always like that.


Full game hunt timers are usually 50 minutes per hunt. Some event and arena quests have 30 minute timers. But that crunch is there in the beta to keep you on the lookout for your target monster. Then you have expedition quests where you stay on the map and have no time limit. You can just hunt freely and gather resources.


I haven’t been in the betas - closest I’ve gotten to MH before now is one of the 3DS demos a while back.

I think I’m part of a Xbox minority for MH:W anyway. Not sure what its player base will look like on Xbox when compared with PS4 and PC. Wonder if there are cross-platform online plans.


That is a bummer. Sorry they didn’t open the beta up to Xbox players. I don’t think the game will support cross platform play. But I always hold out hope they can find some way to grow the base by allowing


I put a decent amount of time in to MH4 I think it was on 3DS. At first I actually really hated it and just flat out stopped after only a couple hours.

Years later I got in to the Dark Souls series, and I figured that it got me ready for the more thoughtful combat in games like Monster Hunter. I ended up enjoying it a lot, but felt so overwhelmed with everything it expected me to engage with.

However this new one has my best gaming bud interested for the first time, and we’ll usually play things together so I’ll probably pick it up to play with him.

Will have to remember work to give the beta a go.

Wish it was coming to PC sooner. I just upgraded my graphics card and basically just wanna game on that all the time now.


Came up on my Youtube feed and it explains a certain aspect to what makes MH great


I’m super excited that people seem to be into this version of the game - so much to enjoy if you can get someone to show you the ropes. Hopefully we can build a Waypoint MH community around it - I’d love to help more new players get into the series!

I’ll be playing and streaming basically all launch weekend (except when I’m cooling off with DBFZ). Definitely down to join/make a few unofficial Waypoint squads on day 1!


Just as a side note, there is a Monster Hunter role in the Waypoint Discord. If you want to find some groups with other Waypoint fans, that’s a good place to do it!