Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


I just wanna ask, this is going to be my first Monster Hunter game, and the closest comparison I have is the Souls series (animation heavy attacks, sometimes obscure items and systems, enduring a powerful boss), is the BETA generally the structure of these games? pick a monster from a menu, sort out equipment and then go hunt it on a timer?

I prefer to linger in a world, before heading off on a big adventure; my favourite part of BotW are the lead-up to action, and the release when you’ve achieved victory; similar to a Souls boss in that sense too.
There is some lead-up with tracking in the MH:W BETA but you just have to book it to a monster’s location to be able to kill it within the strict 15 min timer, and it just feels a bit arbitrary.


Parts the beta is good at showing you:

  • How Monster Hunter combat works and feels
  • Getting you into the action quickly
  • The importance of certain items in battle
  • How Monster Hunter multiplayer works and feels
  • Showing veterans how much more dense the areas are
  • Showing veterans the new mechanics in the combat and interactions with the environment
  • Showing veterans hints at endgame encounters, which you can find in the hidden fights in the beta. Endgame is a lot of fighting really tough monsters with friends to get their sweet sweet monster parts (this is optional and Monster Hunter is entirely enjoyable just to progress through the story).

Parts the beta misleads you on:

  • The game is not just “pick monster from list, go and fight”. It is mission based and you will be heading out to those areas many times, but the missions are more varied and are not just “here monster, go fight”.
  • The timer is not nearly as strict in the main game (if there is one) and, if you find that it is, you can mitigate it by improving your equipment. You aren’t forced to use x equipment vs y boss.
  • I haven’t played the full game, but I imagine the tracking mechanic is going to be a lot heavier in the real game than in the beta. Because you are booking it to find the monster, they probably balanced it so you get to the monster immediately and aren’t spending 4 or 5 minutes looking for the monster like you would normally in Monster Hunter. I imagine the whole scoutfly mechanic was added not only to make you more immersed in that feeling of hunting a monster, but to keep that time of trying to find the monster down to relatively the same time period despite the more complex areas.

Parts the beta leaves out:

  • The Hubs that will feature the characters, shops, etc.
  • Character progression and improvement of equipment
  • Character customization
  • Crafting and the importance of gathering crafting material (you will have the ability to go to each area without a time limit and just gather material and explore)
  • How mission progression will feel in the actual game (you might hunt a few smaller versions of a monster before you fight the real thing, giving you a good indication of the tells of a monster, but in a less threatening encounter)
  • The several other areas in the game. The lowest a Monster Hunter game has had is 10 (1st Generation) and the most is 23 (4th generation). Given that they are much more complex in this game, I would say 10 is on the higher end on how many to expect, but it isn’t the two in the beta and no doubt more than the 5 shown so far.
  • Story missions or anything to do with the story at all. The stories aren’t anything to write home about, but they are there and are great at guiding your progression through the game to the endgame.

Part that isn’t in the beta and hopefully not in the actual game

  • Those fucking egg collecting missions


Oh, okay that soothes my fears then, sounds like what I would like from one of these types of games!
I totally get the design decisions employed by the BETA for demo and time purposes; I do wonder now if more people are promptly mislead on what the game actually is, especially if they’re like me and don’t really know what Monster Hunter games typically are.


My buddy and I got a few hours in of the beta. Beat 3/4 of the missions (that last one, woof) and I think we’re both pretty well and sold on it.
One thing I did not care for at all the was the matchmaking system. Having to enter this huge case sensitive code to join a friends game is a huge pain in the ass if you have to send your code to your buddy every time you wanna play tougher.
I know this is just the beta, but is that a usual part of Monster Hunter? Because if so I really hate it and will resent it every time I have to enter that absurd code.


We’ll have to wait till the full release to see how it handles setting things up for friends. I think the code is for when you make a room and want anyone to join but not just randoms people.


There’s probably some sensible-sounding explanation for why the beta is like that, but word on the street is that it won’t be in the full game. Usually you can just set a password on the lobby.


There is one thing they have to leave in with Monster hunter lobby and that to dance till you start a quest.


Me: I’m finally going to finish Persona 5 before moving on to anything else!
Also me: Oh hey, I should try this Monster Hunter World Beta.
Also also me: Oops I pre-ordered Monster Hunter World why isn’t it Friday yet I can’t stop thinking about this fucking game


I’m super excited for this. I haven’t been able to play any of the MH entries on the 3DS due to getting severe hand pain from playing for an extended time even using a grip. Being able to use a proper controller with good thumbsticks will be very welcome.


I can safely say i’ve never been more hyped for a game in my life than i am for Monster Hunter: World

i spent hours in the training room during the beta just playing with all the weapons


i’m counting the seconds till friday


I got into MH4 on the 3DS a few years ago. I loved what I played of the beta, but based on my experiences playing Destiny 2 on PC, I may wait until the game is available on PC as I suspect that will be the best version. Though I suppose it could turn out to be a rubbish port.

After many tries, I was finally able to bring down the Anjanath. When I did it was just so glorious.


Pre-ordered, pre-download finished, I am all set for tommorrow.
also video from Giant bomb


Monster Hunter World is here! Hope to see you all hunting.


I gotta wait til I get home but I’m looking forward to dressing up all these cats


Question from a Monster Hunter newbie: what’s this game like solo?


They change a lot with the mission structure for older players to get in on the bigger fights sooner but from the perspective of a newbie it simple fights with monsters and gradually getting bigger and more complex moves to watch for. There also sub mission that will net you decent rewards that help bypass gathering mission so that you be able to stock up on things that craft healing items and traps. As you complete more missions you unlock farms that will help gather items for you instead of going out yourself which saves you time and get more into the hunting. Sadly no real tutorial on weapons so best advice is to try out the faster weapons like the dual blades, long sword, Insect Glaive and sword & shield since you’ll be able to roll out fast between it fast animations. Once you feel ready go for the big boy weapons like great sword, Hammer, and basic lance and really test out the heaviness and long animation to know when to hit and when you move.


Using the Heavy Bow Gun is quite an adjustment (have been playing this series for years, only melee weapons until now). It’s cool that all the ammo choices make it a very adaptable weapon: so far i’ve been relying on the spread ammo because most of the encounters are very close quarter and i’m playing solo.

what’s this game like solo?

It’s primarily designed to be a multiplayer game; when you start the game and are connected to the internet, there isn’t even an option to start in “offline mode”. Every time I boot the game, it reminds me that i’m not a ps plus member.
The monster hunter games have always been like this to different degrees, but there’s still a lot of content to enjoy solo.


I’m planning on getting this for PC because screw paying for PS+, but I also realise that if I see that ace collectors edition in store at GAME tomorrow I will not be able to resist.

In regards to solo play though, some weapons are better for it that others. Specifically high damage ones, as lower damage outputs can have you cutting close to the time limit even at your best. Struggled a bit towards the end in Generations with the sword and board. Still, all possible and still a great experience, but chums are always nice.


YO, this game pretty good