Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


For something so multiplayer focused they sure do make it difficult to join up with friends for a lot of these quests.


Just got the game and finished up the first couple of quests. Are we setting up a squad here?


It the last 2 star mission is where you can start multiplayer with randoms using SOS flare or have friends come in who already finished the missions.


No yeah, I got that. Just asking if there’ll be a Waypoint community for the game. I’d like to join and play with fellow fans! On PS4.


OK, I think we can set something up in discord in the group up thread.


If there is a Waypoint community for the Xbox One, I’m so down. This game is really unique and kind of extremely fun. I have no idea what I’m exactly doing yet but I’m loving every single second of it.


for reasons that i’m not aware of, i lost access to the discord group

anyone care to give me an invite for that? are people on here actually grouping up?


Message @M_o for a invite. I believe people grouping up by invite or you can join in on a session if you know the pass code to it which i’ll try today to see if people can just hop in to my game later today.


Picked this up on Friday at the behest of a coworker (I got steamrolled by the hype train). I’ve tried multiple times to get into MH in the past, from the PSP through to the 3DS, and it never really managed to keep me engaged.

This time? It’s totally stuck. I think it’s a combination of the more guided start, the improved graphical fidelity, and the quality-of-ife changes. Plus the online options make repeated hunts for materials really fun!

Just need to get into more games with fellow hunters. :smiley:


Tails getting chopped!


Slowly making my way through this game, up to the third area now. Appreciate all the changes they’ve made to the core game, would be hard to go back!

I enjoy the expeditions the most, I think. Wandering around and appreciated just how detailed the environments are in this game, finding secrets. I had no idea you could catch all the little creatures with a net item that attaches to your sling! Either I skipped the tutorial where they explained that, or they didn’t bother. Anyway, now I have a pet frog.

New players, the egg quests have always been very annoying, and they are back. Wearing armor with transporter skills make it bearable.


Good to know. There are a few changes to it like being able to climb with a egg but hey if it means more food to cook I’ll carry a dozen.


So I had never gotten into a MH game, but I have already put 13+ hours into this one and am having an amazing time. I’ve been using mostly the hammer but also a bit of the long sword here and there. I haven’t unlocked the third area yet, though, since I’ve been a completionist for the armor sets… Hopefully I can get fairly far on my own, but I need to hop into the MH discord channel and chat more!


Loving this so far, been using the Hammer a lot and it’s sliding charge attack is amazing.

I’ll try and hop on the discord channel since it’s way more fun hunting in groups.


I’ve been enjoying playing with friends, but there sure are a few odd decisions there. Some of it feels really good, I like how people can jump into your mission once it has started, but then the limitations on that are pretty frustrating…

Case in point, I can’t just do a main story quest for the first time with a friend. One of us has to watch the cutscene, then abort the mission, and then join the other player’s session. It’s really fiddly.

I don’t want to second guess the developers here, but it feels like it just didn’t occur to them that people might want to go through the story together. Maybe it’s much more complicated than that, it usually is, but it’s a very annoying workaround as it stands, since the only reason it doesn’t work the way you’d expect seems to be to allow cutscenes to play. After the cutscene has happened, other players are usually free to join the session.

It does break things up when in order to have two first timers on the same mission, you first have to do this little dance to get everyone into the same game, and it feels very out of place in a game that places so much emphasis on the multiplayer element.

Once you’re in though, those fights are something special.


I’m so in love. Incredible game, I never want to leave this world.


Confirmed: this game is fucking great. Lately I’ve been bouncing between several games, but never really finding one that gets in my head and makes me wish I was playing it every moment that I’m not playing it. This game fits that bill.

Charge Blade is love, Charge Blade is life.


Charge Blade is love, Charge Blade is life.

I’m sorry I can’t hear you while in cyclone mode.


If it’s anything like the Destiny Waypoint community, it’s going to be slim pickings finding people to play. But I’m on Xbox, so feel free to add me! I also have a somewhat limited idea of what all is going on, being a newbie to the series, but it’s definitely been a ton of fun stabbing and blowing up monsters with my gunlance! GT: Gjallarsean


So this is the first Monster Hunter I’ve tried (other than a demo on the 3ds that didn’t click), and I’m loving it for reasons all thoroughly described by folks above! I’m having analysis paralysis figuring out what I want to do and what I want to upgrade etc, but I take that’s probably a good thing as every build seems fun for different reasons. Might try the hammer tonight though.

Figured I’d drop this video guide Polygon made that helped ramp me up to speed quite quickly!