Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


This is personally my first MH and I really enjoyed the beta. The series before seemed so impenetrable and was why I never really gave it the chance it deserved. But now on the main console with streamlined systems (from what I understand) it seems so much more approachable to me, and it sure seems like one hell of a time.

Looking forward to picking this up tonight and hopefully finding some of y’all to play with and learn from.


Last night payed through an extremely stressful Rathian egg quest. Not only is the path to its nest a labyrinthine maze of tree branches, the Rathian is literally breathing fire down your neck the whole way back. I don’t know how I finished it.
In retrospect, the egg stuff seems more forgiving than classic monster hunter. I made a lot of leaps and falls that would have broken the egg in the older games.


I thought I could handle waiting for the PC version. I made it, uh, zero days before just buying a PS4.

I’ve been rolling with the Bow so far. Removing variable shot types makes it a lot smoother to use. It took me a while to get used to some of the finer points of the updated move set, but the new stuff is all really fun. Especially that Dragon Piercer. Cutting off a monster’s tail by shooting it in the face really has unlimited entertainment value.


This is my first ever Monster Hunter game and I was really hype for it when it was announced, but it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride so far.

I was immediately kind overwhelmed by just about everything and wanted to cower in a corner. This was only exacerbated by the fact that I was infatuated by the idea of the charge blade, which was ultimately way beyond my comprehension and skill level .

I wound up stepping away after getting through the opening and got to play a mission with some friends later on. That was probably the best experience I had so far because they’re both more familiar with the series and simply having someone else around took a lot of the brainwork out of playing the game and let me cut right to the fun stuff.

After taking the weekend off I hopped back in today and switched to the dual blades which felt way more comfortable and I think the game started to finally get its hooks in me a bit.

Ultimately though I want to curse whatever entity that made this game come out the exact same day as Dragon Ball FighteZ (not to mention Celeste) because it’s been impossible to tear myself away from that game and every minute I spend in MH I feel guilty for not playing that instead.


Adding my voice to the chorus of “I didn’t like MH before but damn” remarks. Had a moment last night hunting an Anjanath that really nailed what I’m loving about it so far: he spotted me from up on a rise and started making up his mind to try and pounce down on me, and I instead ran around behind him, waited for him to land, and then nailed a mount attack with my gunlance, sending him crashing through the canopy of the Ancient Forest.

I’m not usually an environmental combat, emergent gameplay type of player, but it felt so satisfying in a way few games have ever really nailed. That said, the fight finished with him chilling out of enrage mode, retreating to his nest, and me KO’ing him in about two hits, so… it could still use some work.

RE: weapons, I want to main everything… except the Insect Glaive. Trying to get my kinsect to grab all three colors on an angry flying wolf bat is not my idea of fun, apparently.


It interesting to see people both turning around on Monster Hunter after being unable to get into it or new people getting in and finding how to work with the flow. I think for a few people the 3DS release helped get people going but the power of consoles really does help.


Update: I played another sessions with friends and I am now fully immersed in the hype.


One of my friends just happened to be picking up right around the same spot where I was and it would’ve been so much more fun to just be able to play the mission together without having to go through all the necessary shenanigans.

It was especially annoying because I could hear that our ending cutscenes were synced perfectly, so I feel like that’s at least one hurdle down.


A solution to that would be to have the cut scene play to all when someone hits it.


Figured I could give a personal testimony to this! So I tried a demo of one of the games on the 3DS and bounced off it real quick because I couldn’t really get into the look or control scheme. Also worth noting, my relationship with the 3DS had mostly been playing it at home because most of my commutes involve me driving and usually when I’m out I don’t have much dead time I could fill with something that takes as much commitment as monster hunter. It always felt like a game I’d rather play on a TV or computer.

But now having played World and loving it, I’m truly understand the appeal of a portable version of the game, especially for someone using public transportation or is out of the house a lot and has to kill some time every now and then.

As usual, the ultimate conclusion is get a MH game on switch!


I don’t know if it was added in one of the previous games, but I like that the heavy bowgun has a pseudo “ult” ability attached to each gun. The starter one had a chain gun mode, the one I’m using now has a super powerful sniper shot.

General advice for people deciding to use these:

  • Don’t hoard your limited ammo, every type is so plentiful and things like Sticky Shot or Wyvern Shot will speed up your battles by a tremendous amount
  • You should almost never be using the free ammo type with how much of everything else you have, by default you’ll want to be using Spread Shot or Pierce Shot
  • Pierce Shot pings for damage basically every second it’s contacting something, so you’ll want to try and fire it at a length-wise direction rather than at a monster’s side
  • Your weapon power is completely free damage every minute or so, use it whenever it’s available
  • Don’t forget to modify your gun at the smithy since they give you several very useful free mods to swap between at your leisure
  • Switch ammo regularly so you’re not reloading too often in the middle of a fight, try to do most of your reloading during downtime
  • You’ll want to use Wyvern Shot when a monster is stunned/distracted/asleep since it requires very close range and takes 3-4 seconds to charge


Nothing really of substance here, I just wanna say I’m genuinely happy to see see all of this newfound love for monster hunter :blush:, especially from those who may have bounced off (like a weapon with yellow sharpness off of a Barroth’s face lol) before. I’d love to play with some of y’all, but sadly I won’t be playing much over the couple months because of work :disappointed:.


I’m still naively waiting on a version for PS Vita over here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@miscu I’ve been using the heavy bow gun exclusively, you’ve summed up all the tips i’d add nicely. But is there any gun tree you’d reccommend? I find myself sticking with the upgraded version of the iron gun you start with, which is kinda boring. The other more exotic guns have limitations that annoy me, like lack of slicing ammo.

Side note: anyone ever think about where the player physically keeps all these monster parts when you play a monster hunter game? Ever see the end of From Dusk Til Dawn?
the camera slowly pans out and rotates around the humble hunting shack, behind is an enormous chasm, filled with bones and offal


Yes, they keep them nicely stacked Tetris-style in a box roughly the size of a treasure chest lol.

In all seriousness though, good question. In some previous games I had like 8+ full pages of materials, keeping in mind each slot could hold 99 of one item…


Bag of holding? :stuck_out_tongue:


That copse dog is something! Why is it mostly meat? Why does it have double claws? Where in evolution said that it needed those?


I could have sworn it was mostly covered in scales? As for the double claws, maybe it was jealous of the Radobaan?


In the Monster Hunter universe, evolution runs on rule of cool instead of natural selection.


I just got to the Rotten Vale, and man it feels like some Bloodborne/Dark Souls type stuff now. Especially when I got greeted by the meanest Sonic.


F***ing Diablos! First time I was killed to my last death, second I was about to run out of time (If your session crash for some reason you’re stuck in multiplayer mode and the monster is not revered back to single player mode health), third time was indeed the charm as my insect glaive skills kicked in with mad air jumps and better timing with dodging Diablos’s crazy charge attacks and dig uppercuts.