Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


Muscle dog, aka double claws, was very difficult with the heavy bowgun. Quick, relatively small monster with tons of hp, tough to get a bead on with your gun.
Finally beat it with a combination of traps, making a gun with freezing ammo, and lots of barrel bombs. Had a stupid moment where I blew myself up while setting up some bomb traps.
A lot of running around looking for a place to reload without being torn to shreds.


I managed to get a way ahead of a friend of mine as he had a lot of late nights this past week. But we both had kept our weekend pretty clear and spent a lot of time playing.

Got him caught up to me now, which is the Diablos fight, but we seem to have hit a bit of a wall. Considering that it may be time to start grinding for some drops to improve our gear and complete some stuff that would be effective against this beast.

But jeez, this game, has really got in to me. I’m really appreciating really needing to be on my toes, and the controls I felt were pretty clunky early on feel like second nature. The menus though, still a bit of a hassle to get through. I actually don’t know hot to change my Palico’s armor. :confused:


You can change your palico’s armor in the tent during quests or exploration and also in your room back at home base.


I believe you can also immediately equip new Palico armor as soon as you craft it at the blacksmith.


I tried using the bow earlier today after exclusively using the hammer so far and it’s an absolute blast to use! The mobility and range are so much fun, and the coatings management doesn’t seem too bad. I decided to pick it up after I realized a lot of the end game monsters could fly and hammers don’t hit birds well.


Hey, that bow is pretty good. Nice mobility, higher chances to put status effects on, and able to still attack. Downside is that I need to stock up on some coatings but I’ll get there.


I have been having hell of a time trying to complete an investigation with Bazel in it for the last two days. Either I need to hunt three monsters including Bazel and run out of time, or the faint limit is too strict (highest investigation number I have is two times). Though this last mission takes the cake, I almost had it but I didn’t tranq bomb Bazel in time so I ran out of trapping tools and didn’t know what to do! Ugh.

On the bright side, through all the failures I was able to slowly gather all the pieces needed to build the Bazel Raider!

Are there any real good strategies to taking it down?


Those don’t sound like fun investigations! My first Bazel hunt was an investigation that also spawned a Rathalos and a Rathian which remained in the locale for the duration of the quest. It took 40 minutes.

I’ve fought three Bazelgeuse, including the double tempered Bazelgeuse mission at HR29. Bazel is sluggish to attack, but has deceptive reach thanks to its size and bombing abilities.

It seems like being in front of one is almost certain death as it has a variety of ramming attacks that cover a significant distance and are too slow to dodge using i-frames (or at least not without practice) - the wings also expand its hitbox considerably. The tail is fairly safe; while Bazelgeuse can and will swing it around, it’s a lot more predictable and once it gets severed the monster loses a fair amount of reach and firepower. However, this eventually becomes a no-go zone when Bazelgeuse is enraged as it will shed scales that detonate without delay.

I find that the safest area around a Bazelgeuse is the side. It doesn’t have a fast turn radius, nor are its hip checks too threatening. Its wings present a large target and do not produce explosive scales mitigating the primary danger of rage mode. You are missing out on the juicy breakables (head, tail, etc.) so I’d still recommend ducking into the areas when it’s safe.

Finally the bombing runs shouldn’t pose a problem as long as your attention isn’t being divided between it and another monster. After a couple passes it will usually try to crash into you. The panic dive works well here (press dodge while sprinting away from the monster).


I did a bit of exploring in the 2nd area, came across a wild Rathian. Bit scared, because my last encounter was unexpected in the first area and it completely destroyed me. But this time I was able to take advantage of the open spaces. Chopped off it’s tail before chasing it’s retreat before killing it with relative ease with my greatsword. As I finished chopping it up, I turned around and was immediately confronted by a Diablos. It’s the biggest thing I’ve seen yet, more mangled horns than anything else. Killed instantly.

And so it begins again…


As a person who plays hammer, I am not looking forward to having to deal with the Rathian’s tail the entire fight.


One thing I wish was to just be able to turn off the forge upgrade scene, it really slows down just wanting to craft a full armour set or a weapon from it’s base.


That would be nice, but I just want to make sure you know that it’s skippable also!

edit: or wait, the upgrade scene, right. It’s too short to skip. That really would be nice.


Yeah the upgrade one still runs. I assume we can’t just choose the target weapon in the chain we want to upgrade to, right?

Like I can just select Iron Hammer III to upgrade to while I currently have Iron Hammer I


Now I’m getting into HR quest but still need to go back to get some Rathalos parts. It pretty shocking how much stronger you get with HR armors and weapons.


Yeah, I felt pretty silly for using as many armor upgrades as I did in low rank, when all of a sudden, the best low rank armor is instantly outclassed by the most basic high rank armor.


To be fair the small armour spheres you get in low rank make such a small impact on HR gear that you might as well burn them all during low rank.
It would suck if you upgraded these armours with materials, which are likely to be missed when you want to upgrade weapons or trade for equipment, but to me it seems like the armour spheres are balanced in such a way that you don’t have to worry a lot of the time.


Some of the high rank monsters do not fuck around. Nergigante feels like such a big hurdle right now. I’ve been doing everything completely solo so far, but now I’m starting to think I could use another punching bag in the ring.


I’m finding it increasingly more difficult to NOT buy this game. Budget constraints. :confused:


It was a war out there

Still need to get an actual quest for that beast.


I just took on Nergigante yesterday. That is one tough monster. I went through just about all of my mega potions on that one, and I fainted once. He just does not relent.