Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


If you’re going to do that, get at least two people, but I recommend three more.

This is because when you add a member to the group, HP for the monster increases. But it doesn’t scale by number of people. One added member leads to a monster with the HP of an assumed 4-person team. So in essence you can make things harder on yourself by adding just one other person. Not always a problem but Nerg is tough as is and adding HP to him isn’t worth one extra person drawing aggro.

This is never explained in the game. :upside_down_face:


I feel like this game can be pretty much summed up with the :upside_down_face: emoji. So much to like, so much to make you go :upside_down_face:


If you want a Bazel quest, there’s a chain of optional quests that will eventually lead to a Bazel capture quest. The first quest is a rank 2 capture quest for capturing a kula ya ku I think.


Thanks to @raych for the pics


I broke and took some games to trade in for it. That was how I justified it for my budget.


Nergigante is no joke with his powerful move and hard to break parts. It going to be hell to get every reward from him if I want to high tier weapons.
Also my character looking good


Woho! I did beat Nergigante. Not my favourite fight so far, but I’ll probably try to farm it a bit. The loot is good. I assume I will want a weapon with high dragon damage, and elderseal whatever that is, for all the elder dragon fights.


You’ll likely need a unique setup for each fight as they all have their own specialties and weaknesses. Weirdly only one of the elder dragons is weak to Dragon element - and the only weapons with meaningful amounts of Dragon element require materials from the elder dragons.

Elderseal might be alright for cancelling their special abilities, but I’ve done at least 30 elder hunts and never used it or seen it action, so it’s not integral.


I spent, like, a solid 5 hours killing monsters and collecting armor to get ready for my first Nergigante fight, and it felt really rewarding when I took one down without carting once. This game really rewards preparation, and I was really worried I was wasting my time creating a set of armor to use rather than just, like, fighting right away.

Plus, the Sword and Shield being so good right under it was a nice bonus.


Ok, corpse dog is one thing but a god damn corpse dragon!


Did not enjoy the fights against the fire elder dragon and wind elder dragon. Kinda annoying fights? Second one especially where you could barely move sometimes. Not thrilled about potential future farming. At least now I’m expecting a third annoying fight as well.


Fighting Xeno alone is maddening but also so rewarding carving the monster for 30 secs.


I really wanna get into this game, but it’s so overwhelming. Is there anyone willing to help?


Seen the credits roll. This is a very good game. Looking forward to grinding out some more stuff, and finally trying out co-op.


Fight 2 Temp Bazelgeuse, it was a war out there.


That quest is kinda fun. You’re fighting one Bazel, then the other one just comes flying in and goes all B-52 on the one you’re fighting. It’s at that point you just run away and image


Done all the quests except the one that gets unlocked at HR100. (I’m HR66). It’s a long way.

3 new monsters got confirmed for DLC.


Why are these Xeno Horns so hard to get but just raining gems!?


You can’t get horns from quest rewards, plunderblade drops, or tail carves, but gems are possible, and horns are only slightly more likely to drop from body carves (8% vs. 5%). So, outside of the 64% chance at one from breaking its head, horns are less likely overall.

Nergigante Tails are the same way. It’s a real pain sometimes.


I have to imagine that if we were really carving body parts off it would be hard to take the horn off but given that Xeno is kinda crystal like you would find gems on it more often.