Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


Just bought the game this week. Admittedly expected this to be a Prey like situation where it is a great game that the sales don’t come through on. Then I’d get it on sale and everything would be great.

Well, it was the opposite of a flop and I’m not mad about it.

Playing it, it feels more like when I dabbled in WoW than Dark Souls…by a lot. After going on my first expedition I wanted to explore everywhere and fill out those bounties. This is going to be such a good podcast game.


Anyone know of a good guide for when you hit HR 29? I guess this is the end game now, and I’m not sure if this is when I should focused on getting really specific with my builds to beat up on Elder Dragons and Tempered stuff or what?


From what I done it best to up your gear since many high tier weapons need Elder dragon parts. I say stick to a elder dragon with the parts for a weapon you want.
Also some clips I made


Oh hey, that’s something I should do. Here’s some of the videos I posted to twitter. They’re not too pro or anything, just a funny bug and a good use of sliding.


I’ve been playing it, and enjoying it. I’ve just found myself paralyzed by choice. I feel so overwhelmed. I just opened up the desert area. I feel like I haven’t done anything from the first area. Should I be going out doing investigations constantly? How do I find out where a plant/component is located to make stuff? Can I find that in game or is that something I need to research online? Same thing with the parts off the monsters.

I’m sorry there are so many questions (I have so many more too). I’ve watched a bunch of “Beginner Guides” and I’m still left with these questions. So any help y’all can provide would be greatly appreciated. I’ve really enjoyed my time with it, but I think I just need a push or clue to what to do next. Thanks again everyone!


Don’t worry about missing things in any area. You will go back to all of them over and over.
If you feel overall directionlessness just follow the quests given to you, the ones you find under Assignments. Maybe at some point you want to grind for a new weapon to give you an edge, but that sort of grind is mostly an end-game thing, I would say. The story quests will also unlock all the different things as you go, so you might as well focus on them.

As for where things are. They are marked on the map, but it’s probably almost easier to just remember where their location. Most things are found in abundance anyway, so you will find yourself with plenty of stuff.


Thank you. Alright I’ll focus on the main story quests. I guess I was worried if I just did that I’d get destroyed by the monsters later on because I wouldn’t have the gear to upgrade my weapons and/or armor.

Alright I’ll just explore some more and start getting more familiar with the location of stuff. I was more curious as to certain parts off of monsters. Are there parts that you can only get by breaking certain parts of a monster? Also what’s the best way to break parts? I use the bow and long sword so I don’t know how good they are at breaking parts off. Thank you again.


I can’t think of any rewards that are completely exclusive to a broken part, but often it’ll have a very high chance of giving you something that’s not so common from just a carve or quest reward.

Parts break when you’ve done enough damage to them, so the best way to break them is to just do a lot of damage, and try to focus your attacks on parts you want to break. Usually something will break when your damage to that part has staggered the monster once or twice.

Cutting off a tail only counts slicing damage, though. Anything you do with a Long Sword will work, but with the bow, you’ll have to rely on the Dragon Piercer, which is only practical against a few monsters.


So is it it’s own item on the ground after it breaks or would you get it once you carve the monster?

I knew there was different types of damage, and that the bow wasn’t really good for cutting of tails and stuff. I was just confused on the whole breakdown of type of damage, and what those types do. Thank you for the help.


They’ll appear in the Bonus Rewards once the quest is over, below your regular quest rewards.


Monster Hunter Direct?

Too bad it’s 7 AM ET & 3 AM PT.


Oh boy, the pickle is coming.



U get increased chances of horns of u break that monster part. Aka Zeno horns. Gotta break both tho


Just hit my first road block in the form of Anji. It was also the coolest flipping fight I have had so far. I know, dwelling on the amount of content is a fool’s errand but I have played 7 hours, enjoyed them all, and they just dropped a cool as heck right on me our of nowhere. Love it.

Probably should mention why I found it swell. Rathalos. Protector of this ancient forest. Not canon. I find Anji in a nest, battle it around the map, send it back to the nest and BOOM there the big one is ready to tell that T-Rex that this is their house now. Then periodically they’d get in spats as I try to smack Anji with my hammer. Hammer, not great for this fight.

Felt like the difficulty spiked a tad but the visuals were worth it. Going to cut that monsters tail off next.


Anjanath is weird, because I feel like the reason it’s hard is because it’s so tall? Like, MOST monsters have multiple parts you can hit without needing to change your elevation. But for Anji, it’s only it’s legs. You sorta need a weapon okay at tripping to be able to really take it on easily, at least for one’s first encounter.

It also has lovely feathers on it’s back, so I love it.



I got it down to the SKULL after fainting twice. I got stuck in a hammer animation when the flame came out. Was truly the worst of times.


Absolutely correct. I would even rather fight Nergigante than Anjanath for this reason. I use the gunlance and it’s a nightmare almost every time. It doesn’t take many hits anymore, but still so annoying.


Most weapons should be able to hit Anjanath in the head pretty easily. Hammer can use the Charged Upswing to start a combo from lots of angles.

That said, targeting the legs isn’t a bad idea. They take about half as much damage, but also have nearly half the flinch threshold, so you can knock it down fairly easily that way, then go to town on the softer bits.