Monster Hunter: World "Welcome home, good hunter."


I might be biased going through the game with the Sword and Shield mostly. Now, I just keep dropping my shield on 'em.


I need some help and motivation from MH vets here, so please bare with me: I’m 10 hours in and the game hasn’t quite clicked. I’m getting through combat encounters OK, but I still feel like I suck at the game. Just beat the electro-snake feather creature with the hyphenated name, and it was a bit of a pain using the dual slicers. I took me ages to beat him and I couldn’t figure out a way to get him immobilized as it suggested in the mission guide. I may go back to the switch ax for the next fight, though I’m not great with that, either.

Sorry to ramble, but I’d love some general suggestions on how to get better at combat, use the environment, stun creatures, and anything else that will make the play experience less ‘messy,’ if that makes sense. Also, how often do you folks grind for monster parts for particular armor pieces/upgrades? I’ve been running w/ the same armor for hours now and would like to try something new.

Thanks in advance for any help you could offer!


I think my first big piece of advice is to experiment with more weapons. Not just learning the move sets from the training area, but going and and beating up a Jagras. IMO, the Dual Blades are a complex weapon that hides as something simple; early on, they’re super hard to make work. Weapon choice is like the most important thing for one’s experience I think, since it decides your playstyle so heavily.

What really helped me was to watch some game play videos with the weapon you want to use. Not just to understand the moveset, but to really get how people are using the moves to fight. I’m by no means an expert SnS user, but even just watching speedruns gave me a number of things that I’m using all the time now that I think make me a better player.

Generally, using Investigations is the best way to grind for parts that I’ve found. You can find them at the Resource Center, which is in the tradeyards in Astera.


Uh oh, that sounds like homework! You’re absolutely right, though - I’d be having way more fun if I was more efficient with the weapons.


I think Monster Hunter is a game all about homework, for better or worse. But even just swapping to the Longsword might save the game for you. It’s easy, it’s strong, and you’ll be so so stylish.


I was thinking about going that route - but thank you for the advice and the motivation to keep going. I’m on the cusp of enjoying the game, I just needed a push.


Certainly the weapon you’re using can make or break the game for you, and of course how you choose to use it, so Jacob’s making a good point with watching gameplay with your weapon of choice.
I’m not a MH vet, only started with this game, and started with the switch-axe to a lot of enjoyment, treating the combat a little like playing a Souls game with a greatsword. (hammer is fantastic btw, hits real hard and has a lot of mobile moves that let you do some cool spinning attacks that just pummel the creature)
I would definitely recommend running investigations, it’ll give you good rewards and give you more time (often fighting earlier creatures) to experiment with weapons without some big risky story mission.

Also, as you fight creatures you’ll learn more about them, check your hunters notes in the menu and you can see what ailments and elements they are weak against; find a weapon you like and craft elemental versions to much more quickly beat down a creature, of course if the issue is pinning down more mobile ones idk if that plays a big factor but it makes a world of difference to hit with a 3-star element instead of a 1 or 2-star one.
You also see what you need to break / cut to get a higher chance at getting certain parts, and what damage type those body parts are weak to.

Anyway, good luck on future dive-ins, lots of helpful vets and new players on the monhun channel in the WP Discord as well.


Mad updates. Lots of weapon buffs, the devil is coming 22th, events, fireworks, and pay to re-crate your character (Boo).


At least they’re giving a ticket for a free one on Friday. I think I’ll save it if they add new hairstyles or body shapes.


Deviljho has me pretty excited, tbh. This is my first real experience with MonHun, so seeing a monster that has so many stories and hype behind it really makes me feel like I’m going to enjoy it. I just got past difficulty wall for me (Double Tempered Bazelgeuse is… rude, imo) so the idea of jumping in with more stuff is super cool.

Which makes the decision to charge for further character changes really confusing to me. Not only was it a free feature in other games, but isn’t it way more work to create a high-res version of a monster, it’s moveset, and all the other programming needed than to allow the player to change the skins used on their character model? Like, charge me for Deviljho, sure, I get that. But for character changes? Poor form, imo.


Hairstyles you can change at anytime. It things like different faces is you’ll re-create.


Thanks for this!

Regarding elemental upgrades, how do I gain the necessary materials for them? Is it a matter of going through quests, or can I get them thru investigations? I have certain upgrades on my wishlist, which is helpful, but the going is very slow, and it’s annoying how the upgrades are blocked out.


Yup, investigations are good, but it’s also good to check your hunter’s notes (again) that details breakable parts which has a higher chance of certain materials (Patrick had a lot of issues getting Anjanath fangs but I don’t think he was breaking the head).

Anyway, a lot of elementals have certain creatures tied to them, and I think the materials are “???” if you haven’t encountered the relevant creature yet, but yeah it can take a handful of kills at a creature to get the mats you want, sometimes later weapon levels require mats from multiple creatures, and later on you’ll get various ways to get more mats without necessarily going full hands-on.

Also check in with the armour forging occasionally when you’ve met a new creature, maybe something catches your eye ^^



I was stuck in a rut for a while and almost wound up writing a completely different post, but then I had one victory that turned it all around and helped me learn a lot about the game, my weapon and myself.

When I first started I was mostly treating MH as a solely multiplayer experience so I was primarily helping my friends out with story missions if they were behind me or having them complete investigations with me so I could complete armor sets.

Eventually I realized there was a whooooole lot more game ahead of me (and high rank gear) so I decided to stop dragging my feet and burned my way through a good chunk of story missions on my own.

Somewhere within this all my friends pretty much stopped playing the game, which didn’t really bother me until I got to the Diablos story quest. That jerk kicked my ass up and down repeatedly. After a while that experience combined with the disappointment of not having anyone to play with really turned me off to the game for a while and I stepped away from most games in general and sunk myself into Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The other day I decided to start playing something consistently again and ultimately decided to give MHW and the Diablos another shot. I started off by completing the Anjananth armor set on my own, which reaffirmed that I had gotten better at the game and my efforts weren’t for naught.

With this new confidence I went back at Diablos and continued to get pummeled repeatedly. I tried changing my armor, my weapon, anything to get through it but nothing worked.

A day or two ago I started to realize I was making some progress and earlier today I was finally starting to recognize its patterns and managed get a few licks in before getting demolished.

It dawned on me that I could make things easier on myself by attempting to capture it (after dying on one run just as I got it to low enough help to capture) so I decided to give that a shot. By this point the improvement of my understanding of the monster and the game as a whole was palpable and I whittled it down significantly before losing my first life.

Diablos settled down to sleep but I never saw the skull icon pop-up (the mechanics of capturing still somewhat escape me) so I nervously continued hacking away at it until, to my surprise, it fell and I was finally victorious.

I’m currently still riding the high of landing that final blow (while also managing to sever its tail and knock off its horns) and my love for this game has been fully reinvigorated.


Capturing requires you to do three steps.

  1. Weaken It - The skull above the monster on the minimap means its sufficiently weakened, but sometimes that icon will still not be displayed for various reasons. If you think the monster is weak enough, either try to capture it or take note of its behaviour. If the monster is limping, taking abnormally long breaks between attacking to catch its breath, needing to sleep off its damage, etc., they are most likely weakened enough.
  2. Trap It - Lay down a trap like a Pitfall Trap or a Shock Trap to catch the monster. If you can, be patient. Dodge attacks until the monster flees or run away yourself. Return to the monster with a plan on how to capture it. Some plans that work for me:
    A) Approach it while it’s sleeping (either by putting it to sleep yourself or when it runs away) and lay the trap over it.
    B) Put on a Ghillie Mantle and approach the monster and lay the trap over it.
    C) Put a trap down nearby and shoot the monster with your slinger to lure it into the trap.
    If you feel like you need to trap the monster right away cause you can’t risk running out of time or retries, then you have to lay down the trap as soon as its weakened. Place it down in a spot it’ll be easy to lure them to in the fight based on their attack patterns and stand nearby, pelting it with slinger ammo (unless you believe they will die from the slinger shots).
  3. Tranqualize It - Hit the monster using a Tranq Bomb, Tranq Ammo, or Tranq Knife. It 99.9% of the time requires two to fully capture the monster.

Anyway, good job getting over that hump! Diablos is a tough fight and beating one requires a lot of execution, persistence, and being able to learn patterns on the fly. Good luck with the rest of your climb into high rank!


This is the part that really gets me. I know from experience and from a few random YouTube videos that the skull is usually an indicator and the game tells you about the limping mechanic, but I’ve been burned at least once or twice failing to capture a monster I thought was ready.


You need to get the scoutfly gauge to level 3 to see it. If you’re not sure, you can check it on the map screen.


Got some good videos that I finally uploaded onto my twitter. Thought I’d share em.


Hey Waypointeers, have any of y’all been playing the PC port? What do you think of it?

This is my first ever Monster Hunter game, and I’m really enjoying my time with it so far. It’s just so satisfying to take up a complicated-looking weapon like the Switch Axe, be terrible with it for a good while, die a lot, and then find that I’m progressively becoming more able to actually make it do the things I want it to. Plus the whole “dress up” element to the game’s loop can be a lot of fun for anyone who wants to run around dressed like a high-ish fantasy Yohji Yamamoto model! (I underestimated the power palico cosplay would have on me, and now I never want to take of my cat’s Tobi-Kadachi hood.) I’m not sure how much more to the story I have left (I’m about to fight the Legiana), but I honestly cannot wait to see all that the “real” Monster Hunter entails once I’m in the end game.

Also, I’ve been playing only solo, but would love to try teaming up with any folks here looking to do the same. Y’know, so long as you don’t mind being in a party with someone who’s not used to the friendly fire mechanic and is swinging a large bat-sword around!