Monster Hunting with the Troops

“Hey, you know that series of games that’s mostly about conservation? Let’s make a film version where the most bloated and diabolical military force on the planet are the good guys”

I guess this was inevitable. This always smelled like something that would be slapped together and shilling for the Troops is an easy way to secure a budget, but who the fuck is this for? What possible overlap is there between MH fans and people that get suckered in by recruitment ads?

And you KNOW Tony Jaa’s gonna get clapped in a really undignified way so you can’t even watch it for him

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Personally I’m optimistic and excited to see some classic monsters in a big dumb action flick.
The military isekai is… a choice, but I guess it adequately sets up the fish out of water story.
As a MH fan one of my worries are the gritty desaturated presentation as opposed to being more in line with MH’s colorful and fun vibes.
That said they confirmed Palicos and the Meowscular Chef are in it so hopefully the dour trailer hides a more jaunty film.


What the Marvel movies are to some people, Paul W. S. Anderson / Milla Jovovich movies are for me. Big fuck you to the military and whatever propaganda they try and smuggle in with that but I for one will gladly turn off my brain for two hours to see Tony Jaa flipping over monsters with a great sword.

I’m not sure about elsewhere but “the troops” is a colloquial working class term in Scotland for your buddies and I’m definitely a bit disappointed after opening the thread and seeing it’s about the military


…I want a Monster Hunter movie starring Tony Jaa and a group of working class Scottish buddies so bad now.

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No fondness for Paul WS Anderson from me. Schlocky, careless director all around.


Yeah, learned about that for the first time on the Gajiin Hunter video about the film and that’s awfully tragic and a failure of leadership and satefy… :confused:

Welp, I feel like an ass for not being aware of this and my unbridled enthusiasm. Thank you for sharing @miscu!

Yeah, the RE movies used to be a guilty pleasure thing for me, but I can’t stomach them any more after hearing about that incident.