'Monstrous Races' Allows You to Play D&D as an Owlbear


A successful Dungeons & Dragons game depends on a couple things. The first is that you need some players who are willing to go out and adventure in the dangerous world around them. The second is that the world itself offers them interesting things to head out and encounter. A new supplement by Tyler Kamstra offered through the Dungeon Master’s Guild—a storefront for user-generated content for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition—gives both Dungeon Masters and players some brand new tools for achieving both of those goals: monstrous races.

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Look, I enjoy playing D&D and I love getting more things for it, but I’m gonna be real w/ y’all here: Kinda think it’s a little weird that whenever stuff like this gets put out or put forward, the articles about it get written a tone that implies that humanizing monsters isn’t a thing that’s done super often in some D&D circles.

Also, even though Monsterhearts itself puts Buffy the Vampire Slayer forward as one of many other things that can help people understand the game mood easier, putting forward a direct comparison between the two does a disservice to that game.

That said, I do like the content the article is writing about, and honestly? Owlbears are pretty dope. If running D&D was my thing, I’d be more interested in picking it up. Still, it might be worth a look if I ever end up in another campaign with a DM as forgiving as mine. (He’s letting me play a transformed alligator that, as it turns out, isn’t one at all. Could I have played a dragonborn who looks like an alligator? Yes, but to that I say… hmmmmmm, no.)