Monument Valley 2 out today


This was announced at WWDC and released on the App Store. It costs $5.


Monument Valley 2

I never got to play the first one but I really want to check this out. It just looks so god damn gorgeous.


Oh damn, gotta pick this up. I loved the first one, but totally forgot a sequel was in the works. Much appreciated!


sits and waits patiently for Android port


Huh. I just finished the first one a few days ago. Cool!

Now I just have to wait for the Android port…


Had no idea it was even in development! It looks stunning.


Weird, scrolled down the list and missed this thread completely! Will give it a week for the Android version to come out and then get it for my iPad if no sign of it. Loved the first game, looking forward to more Valley stuff.


I am also on the list of people who were intrigued by the first one but never put aside the time to get into it. I should probably check this out before it skims past my radar, huh?


Yes! Monument Valley, and especially Forgotten Shores, its DLC, is super good. It’s not just a neat aesthetic.


I am very begrudging about paying for mobile games (I don’t tend to spend as much time on them, only when I have particularly long travel times or can’t fall asleep) but this is exactly the sort of aesthetic I would be drawn to when buying console games…


I actually pay for mobile games a lot more freely since I discovered that I can use phone credit to pay for them. And often (because of how my phone credit works) I’ll just accidentally waste it on the internet after my free perks run out, so I prefer to pre-spend it on games.


I can’t get over just how much I love the childs running animation. It’s perfect, absolutely perfect.

This game is a gem.



It came out for Android just last month and I cannot recommend it enough! It’s even my mobile nomination for the GLIM mobile game award!