Moonlighter RPG - Any thoughts from backers?


Hey everybody!

I’m a kickstarter backer for Moonlighter RPG game on steam, and we had a nice surprise the other day by getting a code for the game a little before release.

For those who don’t know, the game is a rogue-like/lite where you:

  1. go into a procedural generated dungeon by night
  2. collect items
  3. sell these items during the day at your shop in a mini game type fashion
  4. use the items and gold you make to upgrade weapons
  5. rinse and repeat

The game has a binding of Isaac vibe in terms of map type (top down squares) and seemingly a bunch of weapons (haven’t gotten any yet)

I find the game to be fun and interesting enough to keep playing, although the tutorial is lacking and I’m figuring things out as I go.

Anyone play this and have thoughts?


I hadn’t heard anything about it until this weekend. Now I’ve watch Austin and Danielle’s stream and cannot wait for the Switch release. I’ll be lurking here for the thoughts of any one who’s playing.


A more polished/less irritating Recettear? Sure, why not :slight_smile:


They had a stream of it? Man, I should pay better attention.


it’s only up on twitch for now.