'Mordhau' Convinced Me I'd Definitely Die In a Medieval Battle

Mordhau, on first launch, strongly recommends that you play through a comprehensive tutorial, bribing you with a hefty chunk of in-game currency which can be used to buy weapons and armor for custom classes to use in the game’s multiplayer modes alongside the ten or so preset classes.. The tutorial doesn’t cover every type of medieval weapon in Mordhau, but it's enough to let you know that developer Triternion have made a game that revels in "realistic" combat.

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I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks, and I feel like I get more ANGRY at this game then any other game in recent years.

There are so many easy kills in this, it’s ridiculous. Even in full plate armor, a well placed sword swing from a guy in your peripheral can take your head off. Half of my kills or deaths feel INCREDIBLY cheap, and almost never earned. You’re usually always killing someone who is fighting two other dudes, or someone you managed to flank and catch by surprise. I feel myself getting pissed nearly every game, and I hate that toxicity that it generates from me, but the game is also just a ton of fun. It’s just nonsense and chaos in one insane multiplayer rumble.

For one thing, this game brought back a weird online light-RP server that I used to love in games like Jedi Outcast. Duel servers!

Basically, like in Outcast, a server pops up with a deathmatch gamemode, and individual players pair off, do a sword flourish to signal they’re ready and DUEL BABY. It’s a great way to practice with different weapons, until you run into the Mace spammer who just thrusts the mace over and over.

I do hope the devs add women and POC soon, like they said they would. You can’t justify the ‘hIsToRiCaL aCcUrAcY’ crowd’s complaints when the teams are red guys vs. blue guys.


Can someone explain to me, an idiot, what Mordhau is doing that differentiates itself from Chivalry? They look almost identical to me, yet this one has exploded in popularity.

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I’m so glad someone else feels this way too. When people started talking about this game a week or so ago, I was confused why people were so excited about that game I saw my friend play when I was in high school.

As someone who has played neither, my understanding is a much better combat system?

This video made me both enraptured and viciously angry.