More Community Hell Let Loose this weekend!

Hello Waypoint friends!

The Waypoint Community Hell Let Loose server is going to be hosting more games this weekend. It’s the perfect opportunity to jump in if you’re new or want to play with some friendly people from the community. We will most likely be unlocking the server to make sure we can fill it up, but we will have active admins/mods standing by to keep things safe for all. Feel free to bring in any friends!

Server Name:
[WYPT] Commander Rob’s Heroes - Crowbar & Sickle Div. - US East
Friday: 7pm ET
Saturday: 2pm ET
Sunday: 4pm ET

For all the details check out this document here!

Anyone is also welcome to add the WYPT tag to their in-game name. You can do this in Hell Let Loose in Options->Gameplay->Clan Tag and type WYPT. This will let folks from the community know you are also from here. There’s no requirement to do this of course, but all are welcome to do so!

Also we are looking for more moderators to help out if that is something you’d be interested in! More mods for the server means more events, more open time, and more safety for those playing. If you’re interested please fill out our form here!

For clarity’s sake, a disclaimer: this community server is in not affiliated with Waypoint or Vice Media. Being a moderator for our HLL server does not make you a moderator for the larger Waypoint community in any capacity, nor is the server moderated by the mod team here or the one on the Waypoint Community Discord.

Hope we can see you there! For more info about this event feel free to DM me with any questions. To join the Waypoint community Discord where we have our own Hell Let Loose channel with regular group ups outside of our server, message a mod on the forums here!

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