Mortal Kombat 11 - Official Launch Trailer

Damn, I was already getting this game but this trailer has me extremely hyped.

Anybody else planning on getting MK11?


Been getting more and more interested since the self aware vibe of the Johnny Cage reveal and seeing the weird stuff characters can do from the Kombat Kast streams. Like, stuff I wouldn’t expect in a fighting game. Area of effect buffs, remote control drones, stuff that gets my mind going on possibilities. Especially with the custom loadouts for casual play. Sure it may not be very effective but I’m hoping I can at least have fun with it.

I’ve wanted to get deeper into fighting games for a bit so I’m hoping I can get into this one.


If they hadn’t recast Sonya Blade with that TERF Rhonda Rousey, I’d be all over this game.


I don’t like fighting games because I am bad at them so I won’t be getting it but that’s a good trailer.

Honestly though the music is doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Can’t beat the MK movie music.

Also Rhonda Rousey is a Sandy Hook truther as well don’t forget that part either.


Yeah, it’s a shame that grossbag is involved.


As a person who loved MK IX and MK X, yo fuck Ronda Rousey.



They got the movie music for the trailer, there’s two freakin Johnny Cage’s, they got the guy who plays Shang Tsung in the film to portray him in this game and Shao Khan’s newest fatality has him blowing his opponents head out their own ass with his hammer! MK 11 seems perfect, and it’s taking every ounce of my soul to not just immediately cave because of a truly boneheaded casting decision

Speaking of which, this is a little besides the point but has anyone else heard Rousey speak her lines?

It seems like mistakes were made…

Agreed on all points and yeah, not only is Rousey a grossbag but she is also a terrible actor.


Yea I dunno how the Rousey decision even happens. Was everything being recorded during the VA strike and they just decided to go with the most mildly celebrity name they could get because Mortal Kombat fans and wrestling and/or MMA fans share a big enough Venn diagram?

Like even just her complete inability to act you’d think would have been enough of a reason for this to be a bad idea.

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I honestly have no idea considering how many actresses have portrayed the character that they could have used. Unfortunately it most likely came down to money in the end.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t even call her a TERF as she’s not really a radical feminist. Transphobe is much more applicable. EDIT: I’m not attacking you, Hache! After reading I realized how confrontational this comment sounded. Rhonda Rousey is just the worst

After getting really into Smash I wanted to try a traditional fighting game, but it looks like this might not be the one for me.

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Honestly your point is fair.

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Okay I’m coming around on this game… assuming they don’t patch this out.

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I really loved 9, but didn’t get 10 since it took a long time to come to PC or something. I can’t remember the specifics. This game looks good though? I’m just not sure if I’d want to pick it up without first knowing the story of 10. Perhaps I should find some LP or Long Play or something.

Shame about the Ronda Rousey stuff. The only thing I know her as is being a transphobe.

That’s probably a good idea since 10 is where all the new characters were introduced.

I’d recommend Super Best Friends MKX LP, it’s petty funny though it might be a tad dated being 4yrs old.

I’m looking forward MK11, and I didn’t play MK10. I’ll probably get the Switch version, would love to play it on the go.

I won’t be getting this because I don’t have the time or money but man this trailer is sick as hell