Most Charming Son?


Dads get our attention here at the Waypoint Forums, both in video games and in real life.
On the other hand, what about sons?
Naïve kids, just about to learn the ways of the world?
Nice young farmhands with winsome accents?
Everybody’s been touched by stories of characters who evoke that parental instinct.
Let’s discuss!


Angus MacDonald.


The only answer is Donnel. Lock the thread.



Seconding Donnel, he’s everyone’s beautiful boy.


Pit is Palutena’s sweet boy and champion and I will defend him till I die


Grunt, my strong child


Grunt is a very good boy. I would also like to put for Legion. My delicate synthetic boy.


My strong psychokinetic boy


I liked, the insecure bird boy in wind waker. Komali? He was good.


All Donnels aside,

The Kid.


Larry Koopa isn’t Bowser’s son, but that is because he is my son


As a gay gal, not being able to marry a lady with my female avatar in FE:A felt kinda bad … but thank god for meeting the best boy to ever exist in a video game, sweet Donnel. He even says “Ma!” With such love!


Having Donnel and Angus as the first two posts here is tearing me apart. I don’t know how anyone expects me to choose between the two of them.


Although I would charitably describe this child as a fucking dungus, Shaun from Heavy Rain kept me invested enough to want to save him and feel emotionally connected. It also compelled me to finish that game in almost one sitting.



I know I’m not alone, but Brothers had me in such a wreck by the end. Full-on ugly sobbing and in need of all the tissues.