Most Game Developers Are Not Interested in NFTs and Crypto

With publishers like Ubisoft dabbling in NFTs and cryptocurrency, it feels inevitable that 2022 will be filled with other companies trying to figure out if the blockchain has anything to offer video games. According to the latest results of the Game Developer Conference’s annual industry survey released today, however, the vast majority of developers have no interest.

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Between crypto throwing a brick on the pedal of climate change and what crypto has done to the acquisition of chips and how those concerns overlap with the demographics of game development, this is not a surprise. And the general reaction from the gaming community to anything NFT-related has been scorched-earth in a way that seems like it’s going to wave off all but the most stubborn.


Judging by the fact that the whole Internet has literally exploded with the topic of NFT, I doubt that all developers and gamers are standing aside.