Most of The Escapist's Staff Laid Off


Well, speaking of things closing, I guess…

Apparently, everyone but Yahtzee and a few other employees of the Escapist have been laid off and the moderators have been given additional power to help keep the site running. So it’s not done yet.

I don’t much care for this site. I feel like I found out about them and subsequently decided to dismiss them right away around the occurrence of GG.


I liked The Escapist back when it was new and still had a magazine-like layout, although after a while it felt like they were just making articles about the same games over and over again and it became less interesting.


Yeah I can’t say I’m too upset. Hopefully the decent people who worked there find better gigs and that the others, sell used cars? I hope they find something I guess

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Given that aside from Yahtzee (whose schtick has gotten stale in my mind) a lot of the most popular personalities had fled elsewhere (Sterling, the Easy Allies crew) I’m not too too surprised by this.

I think that a lot of people who is politically left-leaning was dismayed by the way certain staff members handled gooberglob.


The vast majority of people I cared about at the Escapist left a while ago, so I won’t pretend like this news personally eats at me. Nevertheless, I’m not happy to hear people are losing their jobs for reasons outside of their control.

This announcement is odd though. It reads like the site was overthrown by some mods who’ve scrambled to take control of some (but not all) of the site’s systems. They sound like a temporary government asking for help from the public to instill order before everything implodes. Very strange.


Pretty much took in gamergate, which started the talent escape in the first place. With only yahtzee, the website doesn’t have much time before it impodes.


Can’t say I’m all that shocked. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit sad however. It’s awful now, but I have a lot of good memories from being there, with all kinds of great content that I still keep up with to this day.


I was only there for Yahtzee anyways. (can you tell?)

it was good once, but it has been lingering for a while.


This and NeoGAF on the same day, weird.

I haven’t followed the Escapist in a good long while. Loved them back when they had Moviebob, Jim Sterling and Extra Credits in addition to Yahtzee, but since the mass exodus of talent I just lost interest.


They tried becoming the Fox News of games, but just lacked the proper level of vileness to attract the sort of awful audience they wanted. This was a long time coming. Amazed Yahtzee didn’t leave them.


It sharply went downhill after Susan Arendt and Russ Pitts left. It was a lost cause when the new ownership took over, eliminated pretty much any moderation, and leaned heavy into pro-GG content.

It’s a shame. They were a good “foot in the door” publication that gave a lot of writers their first byline.


Yahtzee was the original thing that brought me to the site, but it was super annoying how they didn’t host their videos on YouTube for the longest time.


I’m not surprised the Escapist eventually went downhill. Embracing the pro-GG trash was only going to scare the majority of people away.
Bye old stomping ground.


A shame that this happened though not entirely unexpected. I used to love it back in the day and Yahtzee was amazing. Oh well.


I just remembered a friend of mine was radicalized into defending literal nazis after hanging on those forums for too long. Good riddance. Whatever good The Escapist once did, it sure did undo it all in spectacular fashion. I mean, the forums literally had rules to ban people criticizing anyone related to GG. That’s how bad it got.


I watched some Yahtzee and Sterling back in like…feels like the badgebadgerbadger era, but I was a sporadic visitor rather than an actual user, so I can’t really speak to what it was like as a site or community in its heyday, but man, The Escapist just went completely down the tubes when that Macris fellow latched onto Gamergate. That one article…jeez. They had to make like five corrections or something. So considering the state of the site that I’m familiar with, I can’t say I’m sad that it’s circling the drain.

But godspeed to any decent people who were still working there before these layoffs.


Reading the site leaned into GG is so surreal for me, but I have to be honest, the last time I visited was probably around the time Zero Punctuation was doing the original Bayonetta.

Even weirder reading about the mass staff exodus. Did they get fired or did everyone just get sick of the shit? Mods are running it now? Weird


Sorry for those who lost there employment( always sounds empty ).
There forum history’s were a horrifying look into how “scientific rational” types can turn full Fash at the slightest perceived provocation. It’s just so strange to read .


Neogaf and Escapist imploding on the same weekend. Truly surreal. Like a cosmic balancing act.


I’d not really paid much attention to The Escapist recently, but they really went full GamerGate over there? Man, shit the bed.