Most Overpowered Anime Protagonist?

  • Saitama
  • Kenshiro
  • Kirito
  • Goku
  • Jotaro
  • Guts
  • Alucard
  • Kaiji (with prep)
  • Other

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Also acceptable responses: Soma, Asta’s screams


cosmo kramer seinfeld


Ryougi Shiki. Or the dude who pilots Demonbane… because Demonbane.


I feel like if the hero acknowledges how OP he is, that’s got to be indicative. So it goes to Saitama. :slight_smile:


While I only really know a few characters in this list, I don’t see how any character could be more OP than Saitama, that is after all his entire point.
Goku is ridiculously powerful but he’s almost always fighting a villain who is at least evenly matched, and only occasionally stomps someone whole-sale when he comes back from training, of course after half his friends are dead or near death.


Glad to see that the four people that have seen Kaiji are all here!


I guess Accelerator is occasionally a protagonist, too, so maybe him.


Y’all Jotaro consistently tricks his enemies into defeating themselves, even if he had to fight Saitama they’d probably just chill and look at starfish


It’s gotta be Mob. I assume that in a life-or-death fight against any of these badasses (or even Saitama) he’d go 100% immediately and self-preserve them into a fine mist with his otherworldly ESPer might.


You all are making a grave mistake. Action anime protagonists are always inherently weaker than comedy and especially gag anime protagonists. For proof see how Vegeta and Goku can’t even come close to handling Arale in that DBS episode. This means the actual strongest protagonist is Popuko.


Close the thread now, you just blew this out of the water. I wonder, though, if Popuko would be able to fight effectively without her girlfriend Pipimi, the strategist of the pair, to direct her raw destructive power?


Look, we can’t count Pop Team Epic because we need to give everyone else a chance.

And the answer is still Kaiji with prep.


Even if we exclude Popuko it’s just gonna fall to someone like Haruhi. That’s just facts.


Ainz is ridiculously OP in the context of the MMO world he inhabits

Saitama seems incapable of taking any kind of damage though so I’m inclined to go with Baldy


dark horse candidate


thats a deer actually


Is Kaiji even regular powered? It’s been a long time since I watched it but I’m pretty sure that dude lost a few too many body parts to really be in the conversation.


Kaiji tilted a building in the wrong direction in an otherwise-normal world, and that should probably count for something. Additionally, he just put those body parts back on.


I voted Alucard cause I can, but would over powered mean super strong or super strong relative to the other characters?