Motorsport Discussion Thread


I did a search first and didn’t find anything like this, but I might have missed something - forgive me if so!

I know a lot of us have found our ways here from Giant Bomb and as such I’m sure a bunch of others follow Forumla 1 (thanks to Drew and Danny’s Alt F1 Shift+F1) and other motorsports. I thought it would be a good idea to have a centralised thread to discuss such things.

Currently ongoing motorsport series, with some good background information on each:

  • Formula 1 - the highest class of single-seat auto racing that is sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile. Probably the best known motorsport series, with big money and big crowds.
  • Formula E - officially the FIA Formula E Championship, is a class of auto racing that uses only electric-powered cars. Great series to get started watching, quite short races compared to Formula 1, and easy to watch (in the UK at least) without requiring expensive subscriptions.
  • Moto GP - The FIM Road Racing World Championship Grand Prix is the premier class of motorcycle road racing. 2 wheel racing at its best. All races can be watched online by way of a VideoPass, making this the easiest motorsport to start watching by far and includes coverage of both live races and past races for a very reasonable fee!
  • Many more including rally, touring cars, world super bike and DTM.

In my mind this thread will become a discussion zone for various motorsports both 4 and 2 wheel, and perhaps become a kind of community wiki of places to watch and follow your favourite racing.


I wish there were more good legal sources in the USA for stuff like Dakar because long distance rallies are the peak of Motorsport tbh

Also I found an absolutely baller MM93 shirt in Bangkok


I was watching Formula One religiously for a while, but have since fallen out. I agree with Hamamelis, it’s really hard to find good sources to watch rallies, and other motor sports here. I found that Motor Trend On Demand, actually has a pretty nice selection of Motorsports to choose from. Yet the rally stuff on there is highlights.


Bringing this thread back to say that I really really REALLY want a Formula 1 street race in London. Seeing the folks tear it up in the streets today makes me really want that.

Also Daniel Ricciardo is the best athlete in all of sports I’ll cut anyone who disagrees :hugs:


Sort of disappointed I wasn’t in London today to check it out. Pictures of it look like a great show.
…Although it did seem loud and full of people (so maybe it was a good thing I enjoyed it through social media).

F1 is a great past time I can enjoy even when I don’t have the willpower for actively inputting commands in my main love of gaming. It’s also brought me closer to my Sister’s boyfriend and my mum which is awesome.
Ricciardo is a cutie


how could anyone hate this man???