'Motorsport Manager 3' Runs a Good Race, But Is Too Scared of Losing


There’s a long, excruciating sequence in Amazon’s Grand Prix Driver where the storied but troubled McLaren racing team takes delivery of their new Formula 1 engine from Honda. This is the year the two organizations need to make their partnership a success, after consecutive seasons of abysmal results. Honda has sent engineers to help install it on the 2017 McLaren car, another team of Honda engineers are on call in Japan to troubleshoot, and all of McLaren’s top executives, engineers, and mechanics are on hand to make sure everything goes well.

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So what this article is saying is that I am now forced to buy Motorsport Manager 2 on the PC.


I Think it might even be saying to stick with MM2 on Mobile. I’ve bought MM2 and MM PC and never really played them.

Maybe I should try MM3 as a way to onboard myself to the PC version.