Movie Trailer Appreciation Thread


Apropos of nothing, I was thinking of Mad Max: Fury Road today and went looking for the very first trailer they put out for it:

GodDAMN that still makes me amped to watch the movie, even though I’ve seen it many, many times now. I love a good trailer. They don’t even have to be for movies that end up good! Take for instance, this Man of Steel trailer:

or this first Prometheus teaser (which of course is referencing the classic Alien trailer):

What are some of your favorites?


I wanna plug the Thor: Ragnarok trailer here because it just makes the movie look like so much fun! The first two Thor movies were kinda bland, and this movie really imparts how much they’re 1) using a bunch of Jack Kirby and Walter Simonson’s ideas for the movie, and 2) how the director wanted to kinda ignore the rest of the MCU and just do his own fun thing. plus. good trailer music ok


The Ragnarok trailer is fantastic! And to go on an Immigrant Song tangent:


that trailer reminded me of the trailer for The Handmaiden, which has a similar tense, percussive style to it.

(warning that it might be slightly nsfwish? nothing explicit though)


Also a great trailer for what was possibly my favorite movie of 2016


Iv seen this trailer at least 10 times now in theater it make me smile the entire time I thought i be sick of it by now


Here’s another good one, which is especially impressive because it’s actually a teaser for a full trailer and those have universally been TERRIBLE.

I actually think it’s a better trailer than either of the real trailers for this movie (both of which are still pretty solid).


I like trailers that function as short films. The Book of Henry, for instance:

CW: Child Abuse