Mozzarella Sticks: Deep Fried Dreams or Greasy Nightmares?


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  • Boy do I love those sticks of cheese
  • They are the fast food equivalent of anime
    [/poll] edit: anime is bad in this scenario


I feel like there’s a problem with this poll because both options are positive choices???


The real question: Round or Flat Mozzarella Sticks?


Are mozzarella sticks sandwiches
Hear me out
They can be breaded


I just found out about flat and I’m confused and scared


Sandwich implies contents placed between bread, not inside of it, so I’m gonna go with a no on this one.


There are people who consider wraps as sandwiches but honestly the public discourse on sandwich vs not has reached its end and we need somebody to put an end to all of this.

we need a hero


As a structural purist but an ingredient rebel in the sandwich game, I’m willing to forgive some grandstanding about hot dogs and wraps, but we have to draw the line somewhere. Radical Sandwich Anarchy is a singularity from which no food can escape.


Sometimes to know a sandwich… Ya gotta be a sandwich.


I’m putting in a formal request to ban the word “sandwich” from these forums. This madness must stop.


We’re all just a part of one big slice in the great sandwich that is the multiverse


Part of me wants it to be rule number 1 when the rules are finalized but another part of me loves the sandwich based chaos also I may not know what a sandwich even is anymore


Honestly, I can really respect this stance.


they start as A and then slowly cool to B.