Mr Rogers Neighborhood is the current Twitch marathon


The marathon started earlier today, and all 886 episodes will be streamed back to back, 24/7.

During the marathon, they are taking donations that will be going to public broadcasting; a cause that Fred Rogers believed fully in, and fought for its existence. His speech in front of Congress is pointed to as the reason that public television still exists to his day.

Mr Rogers’ greatest characteristic was his ability to talk to children, and how he treated them with respect when talking with them about tough subjects like divorce, death, and murderers.

If you have the ability, throw a dollar or two at the donation drive. Public Television is at its greatest risk since Fred Rogers fought for it, and it needs all the help it can get.


This is amazing and it’s important to note that you can hide the chat by hitting the little arrow next to the subscribe button.


It’s things like this and Cosmos that make me proud to work for Twitch! :purple_heart: His show (and others on PBS) had a very important place in my childhood, as it did many before me and hopefully many more to come.