Mspaint your face right now


brushes out posters


I go to art school



That’s not the shape of my face, I just had cereal in my mouth.



Not my face exactly, but a pretty accurate depiction of my current state:




I tried to make them look at each other


I tried to capture three things here:

  1. My hair’s long enough that I keep it down over one (1) eye
  2. I’m micro-jetlagged from flying from California to Kansas so my eyes are sleepier than normal (meaning very sleepy)
  3. I accidentally shaved off a little bit of my left eyebrow last week whoops


I’m growing out my hair now so I’ve got those weird flips.


Behold my MSPaint skills!!




I’m a gun y’all brap brap.


I knew it! I always had my suspicions!!


It’s like looking in a mirror.




Hey guys it’s meeeee




Wow, I didn’t know I had such a mastery of depicting the human form inside of me. Thank you for helping me realize my potential.


I didn’t even know computers still had MSPaint.


i have several artistic qualifications