'Murdered: Soul Suspect' Is the Most Underrated Ghost Detective Game Ever


'Murdered: Soul Suspect' is a delightfully pulpy genre exercise.

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I always liked the look of this because it seems like some folks got the pitch for Ghost Trick and took it in a very different direction. Definately on my list of “stuff I’ll pick up on a whim when I see it cheap”.

Watching that video makes me want to replay Ghost Trick just as much.


This was a free game for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. I played the intro and it did seem interesting but at this point I’ve got a hundred other games in my backlog so its just a matter of priorities. I do want to come back to it eventually.


Lol, I just redownloaded the game for the third time on account of Danielle’s video. Maybe this time I’ll actually boot it up!


Finally completed it. I didn’t realise it was just an adventure game, albeit with some sneaky stealth to QT a demon to oblivion. The pulpyness was great and the main story was the most interesting part to me. The side stories were very straight-forward but I still liked helping other ghosts figure out the circumstances of their own demise.

Oh and the cat platforming was fun but those pesky felines would occasionally refuse to jump.