Music Releases of 2017


hey ya’ll! we’ve got topics for a few different genres/kinds of music, but I figured we could use a catchall topic for the music of 2017. there’s an unfathomable amount of stuff released constantly, and I know I personally find it exceptionally hard to keep up. I think one of the best ways to do so is see what other people are listening to, cause it inevitably ends up all over the map (figuratively & literally).

So, what’s caught your ears this year? For me, I’ve really been enjoying Octo Octa - Where Are We Going?, which is a really excellent electronic album.

Priests - Nothing Feels Natural is also great, mixing D.C. punk with some late-80s Sonic Youth & Remain in Light-ish Talking Heads influence.

And to close it out, I’ll mention Wiley - Godfather, which is a super good album of energetic grime.


New Gorrilaz has been doing the mileage for me, and HAIM just dropped a new track yesterday. Both are solid.


2017 has been Unreal for music releases. This is my tops list for the moment:


Frank Ocean’s 2017 drops have also been choice as hell.

Chanel has been a constant playlist allum.


Shit I forgot Damn and Blanca Mass.

The latter. MAAAAANNNN


I just took a listen to this Ryuichi Sakamoto album, and immediate goosebumps on first track. Good stuff. Listening to this all morning. I haven’t heard of half your list, but I will note it on Spotify as stuff to check out!

The new Thundercat album is awesome, and I’ve had the new Kendrick album on repeat since it came out. Great year for music so far.


god arca is so incredible, i’m still getting over his self titled


new perfume genius + full of hell albums tomorrow!!


This EP is probably my most-listened-to thing this year:

I also love this Yung Bae album, it’s extremely disco, and I will never apologize.


the Osamu Sato album rules - I was so excited to hear he was releasing a new album & it definitely delivered. I’ve been listening to Fujiyama Karas off that a whole bunch. I also liked Sakamoto’s album quite a bit, but ambient’s a genre I have fairly limited experience in so it’ll probably take a while to sink in for me. Drunk was the same kinda thing - it was a little hard to absorb for me since it’s got so many shorter songs, and nothing caught me as immediately as some of his past work (especially something like Lotus And The Jondy), but it’s very enjoyable.

I’m actually listening to Damn. right now and it’s solid. I’m not an enormous Kendrick fan, but each of his albums have at least a couple songs that stick with me, and this looks to be the same way.

@softbones I totally forgot Full of Hell was releasing something new - will definitely be checking it out. Roots of Earth Are Consuming My Home slays.




2017 has been kinda hot and cold for me. There’s been some pretty big disappointments for me, namely the new Flaming Lips and Dirty Projectors albums, but I’ve stumbled into a lot of stuff I’ve really liked. So a lot of new things, and some strong returns from acts I already liked like PWR BTTM and Thundercat.


Lot’s of good album drops today! New Mac Demarco, Perfume Genius and Slowdive!


God damn this new Perfume Genius album is something special


LCD Soundsystem just dropped two songs from their new album and boy are they both great.


Aye I listened to new LCD today - good tracks.



Today I have bought the new Slowdive, At the Drive-in and Forest Swords albums. I haven’t had a chance listen to them yet.

Last week I bought the new Ryuichi Sakamoto and Thurston Moore albums, they’re both great.




Finishing up a first listen of the new Sorority Noise album, could see it getting some decent play over the year.


yeah, the new Thurston Moore is interesting. it’s really new so I’m not entirely sure what I think about it yet, but it was definitely enjoyable on first listen (I actually bought tickets to see him in July, really looking forward to it).

I’ll have to check out the ATDI album; the 2 songs they released beforehand were pretty good. I only have Relationship of Command by them, but that’s real great, and the bits and pieces I’ve heard otherwise are all good too.