Music Releases of 2017


The new Ted Leo album is a very good album! It came out last week, and is now up on all the usual streaming sites (I use Google Music myself, but it’s also on Spotify and Apple Music and whatever else). I am a pretty big fan of it, especially because it feels a lot like Living with the Living, which was a longer, more melancholy Ted Leo and the Pharmacists album. I like the single for it too:

Also I think I mentioned it already, but DOOM has been slowly releasing a mixtape through Adult Swim and every single one of them has been great (I think my favorite so far is either Notebook 3 or True Lightyears).


I’ve really been on this milo album that came out about a month ago. if you’re in the mood for some more esoteric raps and melancholic, jazzy production.


I’m into this new King Krule track


New Lorenzo Senni is dope, still waiting for the a-side to drop


Oh jesus christ I am way late to the party on this but HOT DAMN this is good.


Christopher Owens of Girls has a new band (called Curls, lol) and a new EP coming out in November.

As an aside, his solo work is SO underrated. No one does it quite like he does.


Sløtface (pronounced slutface, they’re Norwegian) lead single of their debut album.

I wish I was having as much fun as these guys. Seriously, this is great.


They remind me of Chumped, which is a good thing to remind me of.

I miss Chumped.


Fazerdaze’s Morningside has turned into one of my favorite albums this year. Real excited to see her next month :notes:


Kirin J. Callinan is a weirdo pop guy from Australia and his album this year (titled Bravado, be aware when googling it that the album cover is fairly nsfw) is an absolute riot. to understand what he’s about, here is the lead single’s music video, which i highly recommend you watch


Don’t sleep on Denmark Vessey and Azarias’ new collab project. It’s noisy as hell but the lyric compositions and depth have me enamored.


I’m a fan now. Good lord that video.


Just quickly skimmed, and I’ll have to go back later to pick out any suggestions I might like. I’m mostly into blues, jazz, and funk, but like to try different stuff too.

But wow, no mention of the new Trombone Shorty album? I really like it. Sonny Landreth and Tedeschi Trucks Band both put out nice live albums this year. I also agree with the people who recommended the Pyre soundtrack.

This was kind of tough because when I went to check on the albums that came to mind first, half of them came out in 2016.


I swear this thread has been responsible for at least half of my music purchases this year. I’m not even into a lot of rap but this is pretty amazing.


o shit, hans zimmer n thom yorke reworked Bloom for Blue Planet II:

this is epic as hell


listened to the Aye Nako record from this year and it’s very good, would recommend it to just about anybody:


Gonna echo others’ responses: goddamn, that was good. Although, ow, that poor man’s balls.


Open Mike Eagle dropped a new album last week and I’ve listened to it pretty much every day since.


It didn’t release this year, but it did release 19 years ago today:


The new Enter Shikari just came out. I’m super into it.