Music Releases of 2017


Nothing recent but I thought of some stuff from this year that I liked

Mountain Goats new album is really good. Andrew Eldritch Is Moving Back to Leeds is probably my favorite track off it

I also really liked the new In Love with a Ghost album Healing


I’m mostly here to say that I just read through like 100 posts and got a ludicrously large amount of good stuff out of it, so thanks to everyone for compiling it! (also I’m baffled that I managed to overlook the release of a new Laurel Halo album until seeing it mentioned in the thread, she is extremely my jam).

As for the actual topic, I’m digging Aromanticism from Moses Sumney and the new Protomartyr album


Alright I love Injury Reserve and they are criminally underappreciated. They’ve had two excellent projects over the last couple years and they’re one of my favorite hip hop groups doing it right now. Track from new EP:

Here’s a bonus from their debut mixtape because it’s so damn good


the phoebe bridgers album has shot up my albums of the year list, this is the first song and its so tender i do a small cry every time


the new Corbin album absolutely rules. i can’t believe this kid is only 19??


actually, this year has been SO good for music that i actually went to the trouble of making a top 25 for 2017 (so far)


this is very good and fuck, what an astounding talent. can’t wait to see him when he’s in his prime.


yooooooo destroyer’s back



One of Warp’s signature releases this year just dropped and it has taken over my day. Take Me Apart opens with an absolute banger so I recommend everyone at least try that. Also, look at that cover. Queen.


I have this on constant repeat right now


Loving the new Primus album, The Desaturating Seven. It’s a Rush 2112-Esque concept based on a children’s book called The Rainbow Goblins.

Add new Gorillaz and new Queens of the Stone Age and it’s a very good year for music, indeed.


Going to see Alvvays sunday! vvery excited!


The new Perturbator is really really good.


niiice - they were awesome at festivals this summer and the new material is a little more expansive for the band, so it should be a fun show x


Got around to the new King Krule album and I am fully into it.


Just came here to mention this! There’s a lot of filler stuff on it and the whole thing is a bit too long for its own but it’s got some of his best work I think. Dum Surfer, Czech One, Logos… giving it a third listen today.


i’ve been in biscuit town for the past two days


Anybody else here into Slowdive? Gonna see them on Saturday and I am absolutely stoked! Their resurgence has been amazing to say the least.


St. Vincent - New York

My girlfriend sent me this song the other day and I fell in love. Song is beautiful and the video is very visually appealing.


I think my favourite albums of the year so far are:

Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy. It’s such a fantastic, mature album that has excellent production values, that I’d recommend it to anybody (even if Tyler’s edge put anyone off him in the past) its such a step up from his older stuff in just about every way, might be my album of 2017.

Lorde - Melodrama. Very smooth/moody alt-pop album with some great sounds and vocals.

Thundercat - Drunk . Lyrics are pretty cheesy but he’s such a talanted bass player that I keep coming back to it just for the fantastic sounds.

Alvvays - Antisocialites. Another smooth pop album that I really enjoyed, one of my favourite dream pop albums in a long time, very chill.

Sampha - Process. Really soft soulful album, Sampha’s vocals pair so well with the sounds of the album.

Algiers - Underside of Power. Recently got into this but loving the band atm, its a great mash-up of a lot of genres that sounds like it shouldn’t work ( punk rock / industrial / gospel probably a few others I forgot) but it all comes together so well its another one of my favourite albums this year.