Music Releases of 2017


I’m still listening to Wolf Alice’s latest album, Visions of A Life on loop. It’s so damn good.

Also loved Queens of the Stone Age’s new album this year and even Paramore managed to deliver a pretty solid return to form. It has been a good year for my kind of music this year.

Also also, I went to see The Marmozets live in Glasgow a few days ago. If their new album hits this year it will have the potential to be one of my favourites.


Destroyer’s new album has absolutely floored me. strong contender for AOTY for me


To be honest, it’s been a bit of a disappointing year for me in terms of music releases. Most artists I follow put out subpar albums, if not outright bad ones (glares at Humanz).

Play Dead by Mutemath is easily my favorite album of this year (unless Bjork knocks it out of the park with Utopia), but the band might be breaking up after their current tour, so… shit. :frowning:


G Yamazawa is so fucking good and so fucking underrated. I knew him through his slam stuff before his rap stuff started popping off, he’s incredible


Please go see Mutemath if they’re playing anywhere near you! I saw them when they toured for their first LP, and they put on such a fun, high-energy show.


Can’t believe i forgot to mention Oneohtrix’s new stuff. It’s a film score he did for a crime drama and Iggy Pop makes an appearance on it, it’s all really good.

Also new Phace / Mefjus EP for anyone who likes loud drum and bass.


J’von just released his Yellow Suit album. It’s parts, RnB, Smooth jazz, hip hop & etc. All songs, written, produced, and instruments by him.


The new Wolf Parade album is really good, I’m especially a fan of

I don’t think I’ve ever been more disappointed in an album than I was with Everything Now. :frowning:


2017 has been a great year for me music-wise. Here’s my current top 3 records of the year along with my current favourite song from the album:

Propagandhi - Victory Lap

Punk/thrash/melodies/awesomeness from Canada. Probably my album of the decade. This thing is unreal

The Bronx - Bronx V

Nice, grimy rock and roll with a hardcore flair

The Flatliners - Inviting Light

Really can’t pin down the Flattie’s genre - used to be a punk band but this new album is basically a beautiful rock record.


I’m going to see them in Detroit next Friday. The first time I saw them was in 2016 during their Vitals tour (w/ Paper Route), and it was maybe the single best concert experience I ever had. :smiley:


Thanks for this, I didn’t realize he was dropping a new album.


So, anyone else is hype for Under the Covers Volume II?


Niall Horan’s new album “Flicker” came out a few days ago.

I can’t be the only one who thinks that the album is pretty great.


After discovering them semi-recently and loving Harmlessness, I’m waiting for my CD order The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die’s new album Always Foreign. I got the digital download already but I wanted to give it a full listen in my old ass Kenwood stereo first, haha. But I have listened to one song from it a lot already


Tyler, the Creator’s Flower Boy is my personal AOTY so far, but I’d like to give a shout-out to Voyager by Moonchild. Someone described the album as “Nujabes beats with Jill Scott vocals”, and they weren’t far off the mark.



definitely dig this one a lot, Faker > Fuzz Minor > Dillon and Her Son imo after quite a few spins

^ probably my aoty, first record I really loved this year and I still come back to it frequently

haven’t listened to King Glizz’s other 50 albums or whatever they’ve released this year but this new track rips


Lots of good stuff being out this year, enough to quickly forget about the occasional blunder (looking at you Arcade Fire). Seeing this thread made me go back and start listing all the good stuff that I listened to as well as getting on my backlog because I still missed a few big releases (sorry lcd soundsystem).

Two of my faves were actually out last friday.

Also I’m ridiculously excited to see Julien Baker on wednesday, she’s probably my favourite artist right now and her new album is out on friday and judging by the couple of songs out I’m really excited to discover her new stuff live.


You definitely should, they’re all good in their different ways. But, I still think their first release of the year - Flying Microtonal Banana - is the best.


Dang dude, you weren’t kidding. I am kind of into this.


It’s weird, one of my uncles asked me around August what my favorite albums of the year were so far and I didn’t really have any, but some of the stuff released in the meantime just blew me away.

It’s pretty mainstream stuff overall compared to a lot of this thread, but so far my favorites of 2017 include Rainbow by Kesha (a.k.a “Fuck You Dr Luke - The Album”), Villains by Queens of The Stone Age, american dream by LCD Soundsystem and Nothing Feels Natural by Priests (hi there OP!).

I’m also really loving the new Kimbra single and can’t wait for the album (rumor has it there’s a collab with Childish Gambino on there :heart_eyes:) and the Black Smoke Rising EP by Greta Van Fleet (anything that makes me want to listen to Zeppelin is a good thing in my book ^^).