Music Releases of 2017


You’re welcome friend. It’s a favorite of 2017 I think.


I’ve been listening to a lot of Stone Sour’s newish album, as well as Marilyn Manson’s new album. Liking them both quite a bit, although Manson’s latest has some dips.


Can’t wait for the new Julien Baker record. I need it now!

Lately I’ve been listening to the new The World Is… record. Not sure what to think of it yet but I’m liking it a lot. Even if my thoughts on it are not very formed yet.


Having discovered most of that album live yesterday I already know it’s going to be on repeat for weeks.


I’ve been listening to the Future and Young Thug tape a lot lately. It’s far from either of their best work, but it’s got some bangers. If you don’t like trap, you probably won’t like it, but both of them make some real good hooks.

Shoutout to the new Giraffage album, Too Real as well. My week has been kinda shitty but this is a good album for unwinding to at the end of the day. Maybes is a vibe


I’m surprised no one got to this before me, but wow! sent me on a major Tim Hecker kick for the past few days.


Sontag Shogun with my aoty so far.


I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned this yet (according to my search), The Drums’ Abysmal Thoughts is a great album. I’ve listened to it about 8 times in the last two days, after hearing their live performance on KEXP.

EDIT: Found a YouTube playlist with the whole album for those who want it.

EDIT2: Upon re-examination it seems @jaguar posted the album first. I blame Waypoint’s search function. I did my due diligence, I swear!


Anyone here listening to Phoebe Bridgers?

Her debut album is such so beautiful and sad. I’ve been getting into folk stuff bit by bit and this record floored me.


I still don’t know where this ranks with their other albums but, by itself, it’s really good. This band keeps putting out awesome stuff.


i mentioned it a little higher up! i’ve listened to it so much!!!

she played near me recently and i had a ticket but got really sick the day of the gig so i had to bail and i am so sad about it


What’s your favourite song? Funeral and You Missed My Heart are so good. Funeral in particular hits me really hard.


i really love smoke signals/funeral/georgia! i’ve cried in my car to funeral more times than i care to admit. i like you missed my heart a lot too but it feels much more like a bonus track to me (being a cover and the end of would you rather is such a perfect album finish).


I didn’t know it was a cover. If that’s the case then I can see how it feels like bonus stuff.


i am perfectly fine with an album That Good being posted more than once. i actually havent yet seen this KEXP performance so thank you a ton for sharing it!!

the new Ty Dolla $ign is really neat, he sings a ton on it and his voice is really lovely! this the almost purely acoustic opening track off it:

he also just did this great interview on Desus & Mero the other day. i especially loved hearing him talk about the origin behind the album title


I’m loving the new Tune-yards single, Look at Your Hands.


Maitro. A Netherlands producer released his Touch the Sky album. It’s dedicated to vaporwave, future funk, experimental sounds and so forth. I think you’d might like it.


HECK YEA!!! I here, do declare ‘Dear To Me’ as vibe of the year


Carla’s ep is solid


Has anyone listened to the new Fever Ray album that got surprise released last week? I’m a huge The Knife/Fever Ray/Karin Dreijer fan generally but I hadn’t gotten around to it. Forgot about it in the midst of everything else but I got a chance to listen to it today, its incredibly horny? I think I like it? The production is incredibly fucking good.